First contact: More details about Aaron Donald’s new contract; Confused DB Ravens with an NFL video game. Pirate’s way to stay hot

Tuesday’s “first call” contains details of Aaron Donald’s contract. We’re looking at what lies ahead in front of the Pittsburgh Pirates competitor all of a sudden. We offer little penguins in contrast to Bruce Cassidy’s shooting in Boston.

Plus, the Baltimore Raven is in a “bird” mood about EA Sports Madden NFL 23.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

this is not true. I could resist. I just chose not to. I have poor impulse control.

ready to go

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald is ready to earn his huge new contract.

Producer Pitt gets a $40 million raise that makes him the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

Donald acknowledged the new deal via Ramez’s account on social media on Monday evening.

“I’m being held again to go get us another ring. Why not? At SoFi Stadium, I get chills thinking about it. Let’s get to work,” Donald said.

National Ben Hills was already under contract for $55 million over the next three seasons, but is expected to retire after winning his first Super Bowl in February. So the rams gave him the money he was looking for to keep him on the list.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Donald’s contract will make him the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

Rapoport said no new years have been added to Donald’s contract. He is now guaranteed $65 million over the next two seasons and $95 million over the 2024 season. broke it this way.

• Signature bonus: $25 million

• Remuneration for the 2022 shortlist: $5 million, fully guaranteed. 2022 base salary: $1.5 million, fully guaranteed.

List bonus for 2023: $15 million, fully guaranteed and accrued on the second day of league year 2023. Base salary for 2023 is $13.5 million, injury-guaranteed upon signing and fully guaranteed as of day three of league year 2023.

• 2024 Existing Reward: $5 Million, Guaranteed Injury Upon Signing. Fully guaranteed 3rd day of league year 2023 with no forfeiting language. Base salary for 2024 is $30 million, fully guaranteed as of the fifth day of league year 2024. It will be paid out in $20 million in option bonus and $10 million in base salary, for cap purposes.

That might be enough to fill his closet if he has to take some trekking between the Pennsylvania hills and downtown Pittsburgh this summer.


crow with ruffled feathers

Marlon Humphrey The Baltimore Ravens is unhappy with the EA Sports Madden NFL 23 video game.

In a teaser clip, he is portrayed as armed hard into the grass by the Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chap.

Humphrey looks less exciting than his inclusion in the ad.

Perhaps EA Sports can land Humphrey in their next promotional segment by repeating one of his 11 career assists, three forced failures, or two interceptions he’s faced against Brown in his career.

The result should be.

make changes

The Boston Bruins have fired coach Bruce Cassidy after six seasons in charge. He went 245-108-46 in the regular season, 36-37 in the playoffs.

An interesting result given this comparison with Penguins coach Mike Sullivan, since the Pens won the Stanley Cup at the end of the 2017 playoffs.

The Bruins were 51-26-5 in 2021-22, making the playoffs as the best wild card team in the Eastern Conference. They lost to the Carolina Hurricanes in seven games in the first round of the Eastern Conference this season.

In each of Cassidy’s six seasons, the Bruins qualified for the playoffs.

heat check

If the pirates are going to still be hot, they may have to step up their game even more.

Winners in eight of the last 12 matches, the Buccaneers are now 24-28 years old. By pirate standards, this isn’t bad.

Bocuse play their next two home games against the relegated Detroit Tigers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Tigers have lost three in a row, after the New York Yankees swept them at home. They are awful on the road, winning only six of their 24 away matches. No team in Major League Baseball has fewer wins on the road.

From there, though, things get more difficult. The pirates go on an eight-game wilderness journey. Four in Atlanta. Four in St. Louis.

The Braves have won five straight runs (averaging 7.2 runs per game) and nine of 13. They are now 28-27, second in the Eastern National League.

The Cardinals are 32-23, second place in NL Central. That’s six times better than the pirates in the department. The +56 running difference is the third best in the National League, buoyed by an 18-4 win at PNC Park on May 22.

The Cardinals 5-1 against the Buccaneers this year. And yes, the Pirates are scheduled to face Adam Wainwright on June 15th. We all know what that means.

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