Federal judge rejects Trump’s lawsuit against the New York attorney general

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NEW YORK – A federal judge in Syracuse, New York, has dismissed former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the New York attorney general — which claimed her long-running civil investigation into his business practices was an abuse of power that should be stopped.

US District Judge Brenda K.

James said in a statement that her office “will continue this investigation unchecked,” noting that Trump has made efforts to “choose how to enforce the law” on him.

Trump sues the New York attorney general in an attempt to stop the investigation of his company

“The courts have repeatedly made clear that baseless legal challenges by Donald J. Trump cannot stop our legal investigation into his financial dealings and those of the Trump Organization,” James said in a statement.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Heba, said the decision would be appealed and the judge was wrong by refusing to override a federal legal standard known as a “minor abstention” that leaves an issue to state court if a lawsuit is ongoing there. Heba argued in court filings that James’ efforts were so unfair that a federal judge should have intervened to stop her.

“There is no doubt that we will appeal this decision,” Habba said in a statement. “If Mrs. James’s scandalous behavior and harassment investigation is inconsistent with the bad faith exception to the younger abstinence doctrine, then I cannot imagine a scenario that would.”

State court judge Arthur Engoron, who has overseen a number of controversies between James’ and Trump’s team, has already refused to stop the investigation from proceedings. Engoron agreed to James’ earlier requests to enforce the subpoenas, which Trump and the other parties initially did not comply with.

Trump sues the New York attorney general in an attempt to stop the investigation of his company

Ingoron Trump was recently detained for failing to turn over records he was ordered to provide to James in February. The contempt order was lifted after he met a set of requirements related to documenting the search for records, which he said did not exist although the attorney general was still seeking additional documents from Trump.

Trump’s lawyers have previously said in court papers that James’ statements during the campaign that she promised to go after Trump and his company if elected deprived her of oversight of an impartial investigation and that her investigation was politically motivated.

Trump claimed the investigation was an infringement of his constitutional rights.

Trump’s lawyers argued in his civil complaint: “Her mission is guided solely by political hostility and the desire to harm, intimidate and take revenge on an ordinary citizen, seeing him as a political opponent.”

Sanz noted in the decision that Trump could have sued James years ago in federal court when he sued the Manhattan attorney general over subpoenas over his tax returns and related records. After reaching the Supreme Court, Trump’s accounting firm submitted the documents to criminal investigators.

The attorney general is overseeing a parallel criminal investigation into whether Trump illegally submitted false real estate appraisals in an effort to get better loan rates and reduce his tax liability. James’ office has partnered with the District Attorney’s team and is providing additional resources.

Although Trump has not been indicted, Attorney General Alvin Bragg (D-D) said the investigation is continuing, even after two top attorney generals who led the investigation ended the case in protest earlier this year. Long-time CFO Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization were cited last year under Prague’s predecessor for an alleged 15-year tax evasion scheme.

Trump maintains his innocence regarding the two investigations. Weisselberg and the company have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial in New York Supreme Court.

Friday’s ruling dismissing the lawsuit also said boycotting James’ case would be an improper violation of the elected official’s authority. James, the state’s chief attorney, has previously described the lawsuit as one of the former president’s many stalling tactics.

The dismissal comes a day after a Manhattan appeals court issued an order for the former president and two of his adult children – Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. – To sit for deposits in the James probe.

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