Fast Food at 2022 Big Ten Media Days: Jim Harbaugh Mom on Michigan QBs, Nebraska Starts Critical Year in Ireland

The Big Ten cemented itself as one of the driving forces in the future of college athletics this summer by poaching UCLA and USC from Pac-12. But the Bruins and Trojans won’t join the league until 2024, which means business as usual on the field as the 2022 football season approaches. The league is chasing its first national title since Ohio State won the whole title in 2014, and it looks like the Buckeyes once again Best bet in the league in 2022.

But with Michigan out of the College Football Playoff and all 14 league coaches returning, there’s a huge manhunt of high-quality programs striving for the spot. Seven of those shows were represented on Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days as the two-day event kicked off, indicating August 11th. The showdown between Nebraska and Northwest Ireland in 27 weeks is close to zero.

For now, it’s still a talking season and a lot has been discussed inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Here are the top takeaways from Day One, which included Nebraska, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern, and Michigan, along with notes from Commissioner Kevin Warren.

Kevin Warren wants CFP expansion

Warren has addressed the topic of expanding college football in time before Leave the door open To expand the Big Ten beyond 16 teams, if they fit. But he also gave a strong say on the topic of another big expansion for the sport: the possibility of adding teams to College Football Playoff.

“I am 100% in favor of expanding College Football,” he said. “What is that right number? We’ll find out. I’m confident we’ll get a solution to expand the College Football game. I feel very strongly that we need to open it up to have multiple media partners, and that we need to from a college football standpoint.”

A 12-team proposal was best known for rounds last year that called for six automatic bids for conference champions and six public bids. However, this is the plan drowned Stakeholders panic over the direction of the sport following the news that Oklahoma and Texas will leave the Big 12 and join the SEC.

One potential plan is said to be a round-up of the top ten sporting directors calling for a 16-team playoff.

“It seems that there are only 16 outside,” Ohio State Athletic Director Jane Smith told ESPN. “You can’t ignore it.”

Vintage Harbaugh on QB . Contest

If you’re looking for clarity from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on the quarterback’s position at the Wolverines, think again. Michigan has new joint offensive coordinators this season in Sherrone Moore and Matt Weiss, who replace Josh Gattis, but the same QB philosophy applies to entering pre-season camp as last season.

“Both are really good,” Harpo said of the two-man fight, which featured senior Cady McNamara and sophomore JJ McCarthy. “Sometimes they ask in other positions who is going to play? I mean, the best player is going to play.”

While McNamara retained a starting job last season at the Michigan Big Ten, McCarthy made 11 appearances after entering as one of the five-star candidates in the 2021 class. While it would be a natural progression for the Wolverines to increase McCarthy’s. Harbaugh’s role, particularly during an early season stretch against Colorado State, Hawaii and Ocon, Harbaugh remains publicly uncommitted to such an idea.

“Caddy McNamara is going to be tough to beat initially in a quarterback job,” he said. “JJ McCarthy will be hard to beat initially at a quarterback job.”

Minnesota reunion

After an unsuccessful one-year offensive coordinator stint at Pennsylvania in 2020 and a year in an analyst role in West Virginia, Kirk Ciarocca is back as offensive coordinator in Minnesota after serving in the same position from 2017 to 2019. In his first assignment, Ciarrocca helped create Coach PJ Fleck program where the Gophers built for the 11-2 season in 2019. Now, hopefully he can help the program reclaim some of that magic after the Gophers fell to 69 in total attack in 2020 and 99 in 2021 while their total was 12-8 record during those seasons.

According to Flick, any tension around Ciarrocca’s departure for the Big Ten’s enemy is now water under the bridge.

“I’m not sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing that Kirk did and take a chance,” Flick said. “He’s from Pennsylvania. He’s had some family stuff, especially with his dad coming home. It was a great opportunity for him, especially financially, and I supported him 100%. We had a great friendship that went beyond football. But when the opportunity to hire him and I came up, it was… easy”.

Battle of Indiana QB

After the 2-10 season and the transfer of midfielder Michael Bennix Jr. To Washington, Indiana has a quarterback fight on its hands entering pre-season camp. Missouri transfer Conor Basilak is in the mix after completing 66.3% of his passes in 24 games with the Tigers over the past three seasons. But fourth-year-old Jack Tuttle has played in 14 games for Indiana over the past three seasons. While it is uncertain who will win the position, coach Tom Allen has made it clear that there will be no nonsense once a new player emerges.

“Obviously we’ll have a starter name before the opener, but the bottom line is that once you name that guy, he’s going to be the starter,” Allen said. “I don’t expect a double situation, but at the same time, as we saw last year and learned up close and personal, things happen, injuries happen, and it’s better to have more than one man who will be able to start your program. So I feel that we have That’s with many people.”

One player who could have been in the mix is ​​Donavin McCauley, who was a four-star professional player in the 2021 class but is now playing as a receiver after making seven appearances for the quarterback as a real new player last season.

“I’d say he came to me,” Allen said. “He wanted to do this. We both talked great about it. He is a very competitive young man and one of the best athletes on our football team, and he wants to be on the field. He wants to play. He wants to be on special teams and have those opportunities” .

Heading to Ireland

Finally, Nebraska vs. The Northwestern game in Ireland is finally happening after the international meeting failed last season amid COVID-19 issues. While the Week Zero home competition is a rare opportunity to play abroad, neither team has a great location to sit back and soak up the Irish atmosphere.

Nebraska is out of the 3-9 season, and fifth-year coach Scott Frost has yet to appear. Northwestern kicks off season 3-9 as well.

“We’re excited to go play in Ireland,” Frost said. “There are some challenges that come with that. We’ve been planning for it for a long time. We’ll try to deal with it as best we can. Our players know it’s not a trip on a plate. We haven’t,” he won. We are going there to play a football match, and that has to be the focus.”

For Northwestern, there will be a vengeful element as well. When the Wildcats finally played for the Cornhuskers last season in October. At number two, Nebraska won 56-7 in its most lopsided win since joining the Big Ten in 2011.

Speaking to the Big Ten Network, representatives of Northwestern’s top defenders Adetomua Adepower, junior full back Cameron Mitchell and junior attacker Peter Skoronsky agreed that winning the conference title is how they would achieve success in 2022. Revenge for Nebraska’s blast loss would be crucial if The Wildcats would have hit that goal and return to the Big Ten Championship match for the second time in three seasons.

The most underrated player in the country?

Maryland coach Mike Locksley for the third year took it upon himself on Tuesday to ensure quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa. The young player went through ups and downs last season when he began his full-time role, but Locksley looked like Heisman’s Tagovailoa campaign manager as he looked ahead to the 2022 season.

“I don’t think there is a player who has been underestimated in the country more than Taulia Tagoviloa, and I will keep saying that, because he was really a catalyst to get us to attack,” Locksley said.

Locksley wants to see progress on the mental side of Tagovailoa in 2022 as rider Terrapins appeared in a row after winning the Pinstripe Bowl last season.

“For Tulia, he’s a guy who puts a lot of pressure on himself,” Loxley said. “No one has more expectations than he has. And what we’ve seen him do here since I said mid-last season onwards, is that I’ve seen a maturity in how he manages himself, whether it’s a good game, whether or not it’s a good play making him very high, or if it’s a bad play “Not letting it make it too low. We like to keep it in that neutral position. I see growth from it. I see comfort level in our system. Perhaps one of the areas we want to see him improve is just emotional maturity, and we’ve seen that from Taulia.”

Ferencs has concerns about the future

As the longest-serving head coach not only in the Big Ten but of all FBS football matches, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz took a minute to give an unsolicited assessment of the direction of college football. Ferenc, 66, is entering his 24th season leading a hockey team and seeing some issues with the direction the sport is headed.

“I probably wouldn’t be the only one saying that I’m really concerned about the path college football is on at the moment and eager to see where we’re going and what direction we’re headed,” Ferencz said.

With mass transfers now the norm, and widespread concern about how the promise of name, image and likeness compensation in the recruitment process is now used as part of the landscape, Ferenc has certainly seen some change since he started as a graduate assistant at UConn in 1977.

“I think you just have to think about our players, think about the sounds they’re hearing, the things they have to deal with, the hands they’re on, the noises they’re listening to, and most of all, I think the pressure,” Ferenc said. I also think of our football team. I’ve felt this way for a long time.”

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