Fantasy Baseball Bullpen Report: Devin Williams, Felix Bautista May Close After Trade Deadline

Spoiler alert: Josh Hader is Padres’ closest. In all respects, Deadline Trade shook the closest scene across the league, there is no doubt about that.

But for the Phillies, Twins, Orioles, Braves, Angels, and Cubs, you might have a few questions.

I’m here to provide answers, to the extent that I can–and not just with professions but also with the usual manipulation of a Rangers and Red Sox. Here are the 10 closest scenarios that are generating the most interest at the moment.

Note: “Scroll order” refers to being able to be scored in Fantasy and not necessarily who is first in line for memorization (although it is usually one and the same).

Williams has long been promoted as the ultimate alternative to Hader, as he had a 14.7K/9 average and scored the most insurmountable changes in baseball. The complicating factor is that Taylor Rogers, who has been closest to Padres thus far, is back in the deal. Because one casts right and one casts left, a platoon of sorts could evolve, but Rogers could be at a disadvantage when the terrible month of July comes along. For what he’s worth, Rogers worked out the eighth inning in Wednesday’s tie game. Williams started the ninth game but finished one at home to seal the loss.

According to writer Todd Zoelecki, manager Rob Thompson said Brad Hand and Seranthony Dominguez will continue to work in the eighth and ninth inning even with the acquisition of Cubs closer David Robertson. Zoelecki repeated this even after Robertson scored a save in his first game for his new club on Wednesday, with Dominguez finishing eighth. It makes sense for a more experienced bowler to take on the role, especially since Thompson hasn’t fully embraced Dominguez in it, but you should try to stick with both until we have more clarity.

Rocco Baldele never lags behind debutante Joan Duran as he approaches him following the unofficial removal of Emilio Pagan from the unofficial role. Of course, Baldelli was never fond of calling anyone closer to him, and continued the trend after the Twins acquired Orioles closest Jorge Lopez, saying only that he would work in the ninth inning “a reasonable amount”. Lopez has been a revelation in the role this year, even making the All-Star and, fittingly, getting a savings opportunity in his first game with his new team on Wednesday. I suspect he will handle the vast majority in the future, regardless of what he calls the deli.

With all-star Jorge Lopez now out of the picture, 27-year-old rookie Felix Bautista, who somehow has better numbers, is poised to get into this. “I think he’s going to get a chance,” said manager Brandon Hyde, while allowing Sunil Perez to possibly steal chances against the leftists. In fact, although he didn’t save any time, Bautista was the last bowler to take the pile for the Orioles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Most likely, the Braves acquired Raisel Iglesias to be their closest for the next three years, when Kenley Jansen is no longer under contract, though manager Brian Snitker has conceded that the previous owner can work at nine when Jansen is unavailable. If Kirby Yates is back at his level after coming back from Tommy John surgery – and he certainly looks like he’s on a rehab job in the minor league – that’s a massive late group.

The Angels only said she’d be getting closer to a panel with Rizel Iglesias, which is a more sophisticated way of saying “we’re not sure either.” Left-handed Jose Quejada turned his first save opportunity in place of Iglesias on Tuesday, but Ryan Tebera, a right-handed thrower who had the eighth inning, might be the most logical choice on most days. I think the newly acquired Jesse Chavez could also factor in, but is there anyone out there good enough to take the job and work with her? Currently.

It’s ugly that this committee is closest in Anaheim, it would be even worse for the Cubs, who handled setup men Scott Evros and Michal Givens as well as David Robertson closer. Or maybe Rowan Wake will demand the job right away. He replaced the injured Robertson earlier this year, after all. Of course, he also has 1.73 WHIP, which doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Brett Martin’s inability to land the role left the Rangers in a dizzying mess once again. Powerful thrower Jonathan Hernandez saved the last team over the weekend and looked to be heading for the turn before he had Tommy John’s surgery last year, but he also barely made it back and had an ugly ninth inning with the Rangers twice late. Wednesday. Left-hander’s Matt Moore has also had a save since Martin last, but your best bet may be on Joe Barlow (blister) to reclaim the role when he’s activated from IL in the coming days, no matter what. How much stress does it bring him.

The athletics team switched their spot near Lou Trevino to the Yankees and they revitalized Danny Jimenez just a day later. But two days went by without Jimenez showing up, and when Wednesday’s rescue opportunity came, Zach Jackson dealt with it. Athletics may be looking to loosen up in Jimenez, but it’s weird to energize a guy and not give him a look for two days. Jackson doesn’t miss bats like he should, but his walking and volleyball rates are potentially disastrous. Jimenez is still a better bet, but it’s clearly still in question.

Tanner Hook went all month without making any saves. Meanwhile, Garrett Whitlock got two, and John Schreiber and Ryan Brazier each got one, raising questions about whether the Red Sox were back on a closer panel. I think timing has a lot to do with it. July was a bad month for the Red Sox overall, and Hawk was often unavailable on the rare occasion that a savings opportunity emerged. Both Whitlock were from a multi-role group, which may happen from time to time now that he’s back in the arena. The system appears to have been restored, although Hawk scored a tackle on successive days of starting August.

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