Fact Check: Herschel Walker Falsely Claims He Never Wrongly Claimed to Have Graduated from the University of Georgia

But when Walker was challenged about his graduation hoax in an interview last week with FOX 5 Atlanta announcer Ross Spencer, Walker announced that he never said he graduated from the University of Georgia.

Spencer told Walker that he had an “extraordinary life story,” but that “in some cases you exaggerated that story. You said you graduated from UGA…”

Walker interjected: “I never said it. They said it. And I said—that’s what you should remember. I never said that, I never said it. Not once. I said I studied criminal justice at UGA.”

facts first: Walker’s claim that he said “never before” and “not once” that he graduated from the University of Georgia is false. Walker said in front of the camera at least twice that he graduated from school. Walker’s promotional materials also showed the false claim of his graduation.

When CNN requested comment on Tuesday, Walker’s campaign did not explain or correct his false claim that he never said he earned his college degree. Instead, company spokesperson Mallory Blount said in an email, “Imagine a world in which the media cares as much about solving inflation, gas prices and baby milk shortages as they do about re-litigating every word Herschel ever said.”

In December, Walker told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he returned to Athens, Georgia, to complete his degree after playing for the New Jersey Generals in the now-defunct NFL in the 1980s, “but life and football got in the way.”

But contrary to Walker’s claim last week in an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, he wasn’t always upfront about it. CNN’s KFile team found several instances in which Walker and his promotional materials inaccurately claimed the degree:

Walker in 2017 motivational speech: “And all of a sudden I started going to the library, getting books, standing in front of the mirror and reading to myself. So Herschel who all the kids said was retarded became a top student in his class. He graduated from the University of Georgia in the first % of his class.”
Walker in Radio interview 2017: “And people say, ‘Herschel, I played football.’ But I said, ‘Guys, you were also a top student in my class. I was also in the top 1% of my class of college graduates.”
text on file Amazon page For the 2009 edition of Walker’s 2008 book and on HerschelWalker.net promotes the book: “After his first professional season, he finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Georgia.”

A 1986 Dallas Morning News article about Walker’s football career stated that Walker had completed his degree in criminal justice and offered this quote from Walker: “Getting a degree is one path you can take on your path to becoming an FBI guy. Of course, my life doesn’t go in the That’s a trend right now, but I think police work, and especially the FBI, would be my choice if I wasn’t a professional footballer.”

Walker also refused to correct several people — including the interviewees and a congressman who introduced him at a House subcommittee hearing in 2021 — in whose attendance he erroneously said he earned his college degree.
There is no evidence that Walker was a top student in high school either.

Not the only deceptive claim in the interview

Walker’s false denial of his claims about his college graduation wasn’t the only disingenuous moment in his interview last week with FOX 5 Atlanta.

Walker also questioned Spencer’s accurate statement that former President Donald Trump, who supported Walker’s candidacy, called the 2020 election “stolen.”

Walker said, “Well, I don’t — I think — I think the reporters say that. I don’t know if President Trump said that. Because he never said that to me.” When Spencer correctly said Trump said it “over and over again,” Walker said, “No, no, no, no. It never happened — I’ve never heard President Trump say that.”

Trump calls the 2020 election ‘stolen’ employment On many occasions – and used almost identical language in Walker’s presence.
At a rally in Georgia attended by Walker, Trump falsely said Democrat Stacey Abrams, the current and former gubernatorial nominee, “brazenly stole the Georgia election” in 2020 from under the Republican governor’s gaze. Brian Kemp. At a rally in Georgia that Walker also attended in September, Trump falsely said 2020 was the “most corrupt election in the history of our country” and a “rigged election,” and spoke of tens of thousands of people whose votes were supposedly “stolen.”
The Republican Accountability Project, a conservative group that has criticized Trump and Walker, drew attention to Walker’s claim in Tweet Tuesday.

Walker easily won Tuesday’s Republican primary for the nomination. He is now facing the current Democratic senator. Raphael Warnock in the November midterm elections.

Em Steck contributed to this article.

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