Ex-brave Freddy Freeman conquered with emotion in Atlanta’s comeback

The Atlanta Braves have faced a tough decision this off season.

Retain the face of privilege in the wake of winning the World Championship or opt for a younger, cheaper option in the position. The brave chose the latter.

Atlanta traded first baseman Matt Olson of the Oakland A-team in March, signaling the end of the Freddy Freeman era after 12 seasons. Freeman eventually signed for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who made their first trip to Atlanta of the season on Friday. Before the match, Freeman was overwhelmed with emotion.

When he first encountered a media team in the Braves press room as a visitor, he initially walked away from the podium without saying a word.

He returned moments later in tears, struggling to express his feelings.

“I don’t even know if I can get past this…” said Freeman. “I don’t know – all the feelings – it’s hard to put into words.” I am just happy to be back. This organization, people, and media people who have covered my family with grace and love for the past 12 years. Difficult. …

“I’ve always told you guys how much I love the brave and this city. I thought I loved this city and the organization so much, but — you can tell how much I really love this organization and this city. I don’t until I know how I’m going to get through this weekend to be honest.”

Freeman receives the world championship ring with a standing ovation

Before the first pitch, Freeman received the world championship ring to standing ovations and “Freddy, Freddy” chants from the home crowd.

His voice cracked as he addressed the fans after the episode aired.

Fans responded with another standing ovation before Freeman’s first attack.

Freddy Freeman takes the field before his first game as a visitor at Truist Park. (Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Freeman was a primary franchise in Atlanta, playing the first 12 seasons of his MLB career from 2010-21. During his tenure, he made five All-Star teams and won five Silver Sluggers, one Gold Glove, and was named an NL MVP in 2020 He helped the Braves achieve their first World Championship win since 1995 last season. His contract status as a suspended free agent loomed over the course of the tournament.

Freeman, 32, went off the season with no new deal, trading the Braves with Olson on March 14. Olson, 28, hit 39 ground runs last season while making his MLB All-Star debut. he is Signed an eight-year extension, 168 million With the brave the day after joining the team. The next day, Freeman signed a six-year, $162 million deal to join the Dodgers team that the Braves defeated last season’s NLCS.

Freeman maintained his high level playing in Los Angeles, cutting .308/.386/.494 with eight home runs, 45 RBI and six base steals through 68 games. Olson has, from now on, cut .247/.347/.461 with 10 home runs and 38 RBI in 71 games with Atlanta.

The Dodgers entered Friday’s game with a record 43-25, which is good for a one-game advantage over the Padres at NL West. The Braves rode an 18-3 increase to 41-30 to win over four games of the New York Mets’ leading NL-East championship. Both teams plan to expand the playoffs this season and could face each other again after the season.

But for now, Freeman is only concerned about spending the weekend. The Braves and Dodgers are scheduled to participate in a three-game series through Sunday.

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