English super hosts clubs lead the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championship after Germany to win their first major title

LONDON – England won the 2022 Women’s European Championship after an exciting home-and-away final against Germany on Sunday. Substitute Ella Tone gave the champions the second-half lead with a superb individual goal, only Lena Magul to equalize in the 79th minute. When the match moved into overtime, it was England’s other player, Chloe Kelly, who scored from close range after Germany failed to clear away Corner kick.

Report: Kelly inspired England to win historic 22

Oh, and the match was played in front of a record-breaking European Championship crowd (men and women), with 87,192 in the stands to see the women of England win their first major competition.

Here’s ESPN’s Tom Hamilton and Kathleen McNamee with three quick points from a great final at Wembley.

1. England’s top teams present their first international award

Chloe Kelly waited a moment after stabbing the ball into the net behind Merle Froms in the 110th minute. Then, once the winner was confirmed, the record Wembley crowd erupted and Kelly ran to the bench to make her own version of Brandy Chastain. Sports change moment From 1999. It will be one of the iconic images for these four weeks and for years to come, but her being on the field to make such an impact was due to the perfectly judged Sarina Wiegman substitutions.

Having made history at the Euros by naming the same starting lineup for every match, it only took six minutes for the first group of “superubsubs” to make their impact. Just as we’ve seen in every game of this tournament, Alicia Russo and Tony made an impact from the bench. Ellen White and Fran Kirby put in the miles in the first 55 minutes of the game, but with the spaces open, Toone’s new legs knocked out Germany as the match closed out 0-0. First the ball: Keira Walsh’s accurate pass into space was great, but Toone’s pass was on the money and weighed perfectly because it lifted it above the dashing Frohms for the first goal of the game.

This substitution came at a point when England were struggling to find their rhythm. In the end, energy and Walsh’s long straight ball opened the match, taking the momentum away from Germany’s Boa Strictor style. But Germany’s turnaround in the 73rd minute was also decisive when Sydney Le Mans got her chance in midfield. It was her reckless run through the England defense that created space for Tabia and Smouth (first half submarine), who managed to get behind the England defense and put Lena Magul’s low cross to finish at the near post.

In the end, of all 12 substitutions in 120 minutes, Kelly had the final say. With her legs burning in overtime, it was the winner in the 114th minute who secured the England title. The end was set, a testament to her hard work 11 months after her ACL injury. It was also a sign of Wegman’s confidence in her entire 23-man squad. – Tom Hamilton

2. Bob’s absence is too sad for Germany to overcome

The news that Germany captain Alex Poppe had injured himself during the warm-up before the final sent shockwaves through the stadium and through German fans and supporters back home. It was the harshest end to an amazing tournament from the 31-year-old, who tied with Beth Mead for the Golden Boot en route to this game. She scored six goals in five games for Germany and her individual/shooting stats were better than the entire group combined. It looked even worse when you consider that Popp missed the last two tournaments due to serious injuries, too.

Having done so much to get Germany to this point, she had to follow from the sideline, although her replacement in the starting lineup, Leah Schuler, was not a suitable choice for such an occasion. The Bayern Munich player was named Germany’s Player of the Year in 2021 and was the top striker in their first match of the tournament; However, on Sunday she fought back to enter the match and was replaced by Nicole Aneome after 67 minutes.

Popp’s movement and drive are hard to replicate, and it was a game that Germany needed. It was obvious that they lacked her fitness in the penalty area, especially in the first half. Sarah Dabritz and Magul had good chances to put them ahead, but they were long shots from tricky angles. There was little muscle in the penalty area, something that Bob is known for, and that aggression was required in the afternoon against an English defense that featured strong players like Millie Bright and Lucy Bronze.

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Particularly across the Eurozone, Germany had success with Svenja Hoth dropping on the wings and making crosses for Bob which were either shot or fired despite the interest of the opposing defenders. When Magul finally scored a low cross into the penalty area, it looked like a route Germany could have tapped a lot earlier had he been their captain on the field.

Germany improved after the 1-1 draw, which created many opportunities to grab the top spot, but you can’t help but feel that if they had Popp from the start, they could have wrangled a few goals earlier. England took home their ninth European title. Kathleen McNamee

3. How far can Wegman take this England team?

When the England players came out to enjoy some of the Wembley atmosphere before the match started, there was cheers from the crowd. When Wiegman came out a few minutes later, England fans were on their feet, expressing their appreciation for her. No doubt the fans love this team, but they undoubtedly love it more.

The reception was symbolic of how Wigman captured the nation’s attention and the faith they placed in it. And why don’t they? Her record with England is impeccable, and she has now awarded them the most elusive prize ever: the Grand Prix trophy. (This also means that she has been the manager of past Euros winners, having led the Netherlands to glory in 2017).

There was never any doubt that this English team had world-class players, but Wiegman came along and added an air of trust and teamwork that hadn’t existed before. Even in their moments of shaking, this team rallied and came alone. After the tournament’s opening match, a tense 1-0 win over Austria, it was questioned whether England could handle the pressures of the tournament at home. However, it did show that Wigmann had been here before with Holland. She installed the ship and did not falter in her commitment to her eleventh foundation. When she talked about super substitutes Toone and Russo, she gave them their due even though they could arguably have reason to be in the starting lineup.

Every player asked about Wegmann during the Euros spoke of her with the highest respect, but most importantly, she seemed incredibly real. For both goals in the final, Kelly and Toon ran to celebrate with her and the team. This was not a moment about them as individuals. It was about everyone.

Not much has changed with this team compared to previous years apart from Wegman’s influence. It’s the cog that England has been missing for years, and now it’s reaping the rewards. It is a tantalizing prospect of the 2023 World Cup. Kathleen McNamee

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