Elon Musk wants to quadruple the number of Twitter users by 2028

Among the biggest questions on people’s minds since Elon Musk attempted to buy Twitter, is how the service might change under his ownership. We’re still far from the deal becoming official, but Musk Still had to urge investors to see his vision for the company to get the funding he needed. As it happens, the The New York Times He’s got a copy of the pitched presentation to investors, which gives us an idea of ​​the unbelievably great vision that Musk has for the company. Here are some of the highlights.

For starters, Musk wants to increase Twitter’s monthly user count from 217 million users at the end of 2021 to nearly 600 million in 2025 and 931 million users by 2028. That’s more than four times its monthly users in the next six years. Musk also wants to get 104 million paid subscribers for a service referred to only as “X”. There weren’t any details about Product Type X, but Musk surreptitiously hinted at a paid Twitter experience without ads.

Speaking of paying for Twitter, Musk’s portfolio of presentations has plenty of detail about some of his ambitious revenue goals, too. He believes Twitter could more than triple its annual revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028, compared to about $5 billion the company made last year. And Musk wants to significantly diversify how Twitter makes money, too. Currently, ads make up about 90 percent of Twitter’s revenue. Musk wants to bring that down to about 45 percent by 2028. His forecasts will include $12 billion in advertising revenue and $10 billion in subscription revenue.

To achieve these lofty goals, it is clear that Twitter will need more paid users. Musk expects 69 million users of Twitter Blue by 2025 and 159 million by 2028. Twitter Blue is a $3 per month service that launched in the US last November and offers benefits like ad-free news articles, the ability to undo tweeting and little Another small detail. Between the obscure product X and Twitter Blue, Musk clearly places great importance on getting users to sign up for some sort of paid Twitter experience.

Finally, Musk sees Twitter making some moves in the payment space, too. He wants the company to generate a modest $15 million in revenue from the payments business in 2023, with that number increasing to about $1.3 billion by 2028. Currently, Twitter offers very limited shopping and tipping features. The New York Times He says it has no noticeable impact on the company’s earnings.

The The New York Times He had no details of how Musk expected to achieve these lofty goals – only that he expects big things from Twitter once his takeover is complete. Quadrupling the number of users and doubling the revenue five times is very difficult for a company like Twitter that is already well established. But Musk clearly didn’t want to spend $44 billion on Twitter just to maintain the status quo.

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