Elon Musk says he never asked people to invest in cryptocurrency. That’s what he said.

With the entire cryptocurrency market right now tank And the big crypto companies are becoming insolvent, one would think that Elon Musk might think of some of his recent statements with some regret. After all, Musk is a huge supporter of cryptocurrencies, isn’t he?

“I never said that people should invest in cryptocurrency,” Elon Musk He told the crowd During his virtual appearance at the Qatar Economic Forum after being asked about the current state of cryptocurrencies.

Hold on. “In the case of Tesla and SpaceX, we all bought some bitcoin, but it is a small percentage of our total cash assets,” he said.

This appears to be technically correct. Musk does not appear to have ever uttered the phrase “people should invest in crypto” or any kind of similar direct investment recommendation regarding cryptocurrency.

So, where will people get the idea of ​​investing in cryptocurrency because of Elon Musk then?

Musk certainly has a lot to say about cryptocurrencies over the years. And some of it was so promotional, that it would be easy to see how someone could Think Musk was giving investment advice. Or at least strongly hint at it.

Most people interested in Musk consume his words on Twitter, where he is one of the best users of the platform, approaching 100 million followers. Here is a compilation of some of the things Musk said regarding cryptocurrency on Twitter:

Let’s start with the time Elon Musk announced that his company, Tesla, would start accepting Bitcoin to buy cars. Given that you have to buy Bitcoin, well, spend it, and given that another way to say ‘buy’ is ‘invest in’, this seems somewhat promotional to me.

Musk later reversed course and suspended Buying cars with Bitcoin due to negative environmental costs that were apparently not explained to him until later.

But, Musk also felt the need to reaffirm his faith in cryptocurrencies after his decision to suspend purchases of Tesla with Bitcoin.

Of course, Tesla is not the only Elon Musk company promoting cryptocurrency.

Musk previously announced that SpaceX will launch a satellite literally named after the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It was also to pay for Dogecoin’s “mission” in addition to making history by making Dogecoin “the first cryptocurrency in space.”

Speaking of Dogecoin, the token is clearly Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency because he has connected it more than any other cryptocurrency.

Here is a mask that simply says “the Dogecoin rule”.

Here, Musk blocks Dogecoin as the “people’s cryptocurrency.” In follow is also explained To the “people” that “you don’t have to have a gigachad to own” Dogecoin.

Below is Musk’s call for developers to help build Dogecoin.

This is Elon Musk saying he would “eat a happy meal on TV if McDonald’s kissed a Dogecoin”. Again, people will need to get Dogecoin to use it!

Here’s his latest component of Dogecoin, which tweeted during the massive crypto crash that brought the cryptocurrency from an all-time high of 70 cents — which happened when Elon Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live and plugged Dogecoin on network television — to about five cents.

Musk tweeted: “I will continue to support Dogecoin.”

When asked to continue buying by another Twitter user, he said replied: “I am.”

And then, there are weird and inaccurate references from Elon Musk about memecoins like Baby Dog And the Shiba InuBoth were pumped up as a result of Musk’s outcry on Twitter.

musk too It seems to me Opinion Crypto as a direct competitor to fiat currency and not Just investment vehicle.

To be fair, Musk admitted that there are better things to invest in…although once again feeling the need to hedge and share he still rising On cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin

But yes, after looking at Musk’s Twitter history, he appears to be correct. He never directly tells people to invest in cryptocurrencies.

So, remember, as Elon Musk said: “Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution!”

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