Electrinet lifestyle support, Internet users are increasingly interested in PLN ICONNET

Clarification. Iconnet broadband internet service from PLN.

Reporter: Radwan Nanda Muliana | editor: Handyo.

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Internet service wide wave Offered by PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON +) is gaining an increasing place in the society. Bearing the ICONNET brand, this internet service from a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero) has managed to register a rapid growth of users.

Company Secretary ICON + Tetty Indrawati said that as of December 2021, ICONNET had served more than 120,000 customers. This number has grown significantly compared to when it was first introduced to the public.

Revealed by Tetty, ICONNET was previously known as Stroomnet in 2019. As of April 2021, the number of subscribers is only around 20,000. after, after Rebranding Like ICONNET on May 31, 2021, the performance of this fiber-optic broadband internet provider has skyrocketed.

In providing Internet service solutions, ICONNET offers three advantages. First, reliable (trusted) by ensuring a high and stable internet speed. Second, affordableAffordable, Affordable, Affordable) to carry the network Optical fiber complicated. Third, unlimited quota (Unlimited), which is owned by ICONNET coverage wide area.

“ICONNET will continue to expand its expansion to be able to reach a wider community across Indonesia. The advantage of ICONNET is the ability to provide services of reliable quality and competitive prices, which helps government efforts to accelerate penetration fixed broadbandsaid Titi when contacted by Kontan.co.id, Friday (12/31).

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Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted society to become increasingly digital on all fronts. As a result, cheap, easy and quality internet services have become a basic need. Because almost all activities from work, business and education to entertainment are supported by the Internet.

Tite said, ICONNET is ready to respond to the challenge of immediate network expansion in order to meet the growing demand for services. This can be encouraged by the exclusive right of roads of the PLN operated by ICON+, which makes it easy to develop ICON+. coverage network icons.

“Powered by the synergy of the PLN Group, ICONNET will be the choice for reliable, affordable and unlimited service solutions. Internet services that reach the wider community at affordable prices,” continued Tetty.

Referring to the iconnet.id website, there are many service packages offered by ICONNET. Like ICONNET10 starting at Rs 135,000 a month, ICONNET20 at Rs 185,000 a month, ICONNET 50 at Rs 297,000 a month, and ICONNET100 at Rs 427,000 a month.

“Various ICONNET promotions are offered from reasonable rates and free service installation fees to offering promotions”Same-day service“For clients,” Tite explained.

Called separately, researcher at the Indef Center for Innovation and Digital Economy Neelul Hoda believes that with the diverse resources and advantages that the PLN Group has, ICONNET is able to compete with other broadband Internet service providers.

“Installation costs can also be an indicator of the purchase of services. If PLN also offers promotions, I think they can outperform. In terms of quality, I am sure that the PLN category will be able to compete with other competitors. Provider Hoda said when contacted by Kontan.co.id, Thursday (12/30).

Similarly, Tawfiq Noor, a researcher at the FEB Institute of Management at the University of Indonesia, sees bright prospects from ICONNET. Especially if you take into account the PLN network spread throughout Indonesia, ICONNET has added value for equal access to the Internet in the territory of Indonesia.

“This means that ICONNET in this work mainly promotes the acceleration of Internet penetration in Indonesia sexy lifestyle This is a promotion SustainabilityTawfik said.

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Electret Lifestyle

Currently, PLN is implementing the transformation agenda with Green, Lean, Innovative and customer focused aspirations. In line with that, PLN is also a fan electrifying lifestyle.

In this case, Company Secretary ICON + Tetty Indrawati explained that Electrifying Lifestyle and ICONNET became a directory of software with PLN which launched on July 1, 2021, namely through the implementation of “Electrinet Lifestyle”.

Electrinet Lifestyle is part of an internet connection program that combines promotions with additional electricity, said Titi. Through this promotion, a special price will be given to each installation of ICONNET for connection fee to add power.

“Electrinet Lifestyle is a synergy between PLN and ICON+ to provide optimum benefits to society. Electrinet Lifestyle is presented as an answer to people’s new lifestyles and lifestyles, where electricity and the internet have become an integral part of life,” said Titi.

Separately, PLN President Darmawan Prasodjo revealed in a previous written statement that the existence of a work-from-home lifestyle since the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the rise of the telecom sector. It is hoped that the products released by ICON + at this time can meet the needs and requirements of customers who need fast and reliable Internet, and according to the economy of the community.

“This means that the PLN has been able to meet the challenges and is ready to move to the next stage,” Darmawan said.

PLN’s Director of Commerce and Customer Management, Bob Sarrell, also emphasized that his party recognized that the needs of the Internet are inseparable from the basic needs of society in today’s digital age.

“If there are PLN clients, there will be ICONNET clients connected. Because in today’s digital age, there is a need for convenience, and they don’t need to look for others because PLN provided that,” Bob concluded.

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