Dodgers? Yankees? Padres? Who has the strongest team after the trade deadline?

Well, that is. These are the teams that will race for spots in October and then fight for world championship supremacy. The MLB trade deadline gave the baseball group a subtle shuffle, but now the teams will have to play as they are. So, with deals in the rear view and extension ahead, who has the best team going forward?

It’s time to re-understand and gauge who has the best winning slate over the next two (or three) months.

We’ve had a lot of season so far, but the Dodgers have definitely moved forward. They both entered Thursday with the best baseball record, a full hiatus, and are expected to finish both and.

With Padres’ huge commercial deadline, enduring winnings for the Braves and general running of the Mets’ race, the Dodgers will surely have a competition in October. The top line of their depth chart – you know, which includes Mookie Betts, Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman – is as strong as everyone else, but admittedly it’s a closer competition than it was a week ago.

What sets Dodgers apart, as always, is the depth of quality at the entry level. Suddenly, that includes Joe Gallo’s reclamation project, as well as promising young hitters like Miguel Vargas.

You can never be sure that a team will win the World Championship, but having the Dodgers in the chase is almost certain.

3. New York Yankees

Remember, we are looking forward, not back. The Astros have a slightly worse record than the Yankees at the moment, but they have a more diverse and well-equipped squad heading into October. And in fact, that’s where this match is headed.

Veterans of five consecutive ALCS games, Houston boasts the best starting depth in the league. Justin Verlander, Framber Valdez, Luis Garcia, Jose Urquidi, and Christian Javier now make up the rotation, but general manager James Click and manager Dusty Baker will soon have the enviable task of deciding what to do with one or more extra arms when Lance McCullers Jr. Proceeds from injury.

The Yankees have Aaron Judge, which is a pretty massive deal. They have legitimately found sterling shareholders in Nestor Cortes, José Trivino and several others. What might cost them versus the Astros, or anyone else, is the uncertainty in the back of their spin. Playing away from Jordan Montgomery means they need to cross their fingers on Luis Severino’s on-time return and the very good fortune of the injury continues.

New York Mets starter Jacob Degrom throws during a baseball game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park, Tuesday, Aug.  2, 2022, in Washington.  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

New York Mets starter Jacob Degrom throws during a baseball game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

4. New York Mets

5. San Diego Padres

6. Atlanta Braves

Do badgers form earth()? Well, of course they did. They won’t actually catch the Dodgers in NL West, who have a dozen games ahead of them. But they could go head-to-head in a playoff series — or in a delicious three-game set coming this weekend.

If you ask, the Padres have been engaged in a hypothetical tie for the rest of the season with the Dodgers… and the Mets and Braves. The NL East titans are in a closer race, and no matter how that turns out, both looks have something to say about the NL logo. The Braves did more on the trading deadline to boost their chances, but the Mets’ ultimate advantage still rested with Jacob Degrom’s health. If he can stay on the field and picnic alongside Max Scherzer, the Mets have the best starting point on the planet.

One X factor to watch, though? The mustacheed novice Spencer Strider has had a 3.02 ERA since joining the course in May, and has allowed one or fewer runs in eight of his 13 starts while hitting the world. The management of the brave said that he is not on any of the roles. He lined up to face DeGrom – one of the only starters who throws more aggressively than he does – at Citi Field on Sunday.

7. Toronto Blue Jays

8. Philadelphia Phillies

9. Milwaukee Brewers

All of these teams are waiting for things that have to happen, but may not happen, to achieve their final forms. Blue Jays need more Beau Pechet and Jose Berrios. The Veles need Bryce Harper to come back and add their own deadlines to install black holes. Brewers need Freddy Peralta to come back and lineup to pick it up a bit.

All of these teams are able to ramp up until October – in large part due to a dominant start – if they can make their lead.

10. Seattle Mariners

11. Minnesota Twins

These AL contenders can smell the playoffs, and add promotion to help. The sailors won’t win their oath, as the twins probably will, but they may have a higher cap in October. The addition of Luis Castillo turns young duo Logan Gilbert and George Kirby from “Nervous Game Choices 2” to “Exciting Game Choices 3”.

12. Tampa Bay Rays

13. Saint. Louis Cardinals

Each of these teams runs a coin flip opportunity in the playoffs, at PECOTA’s discretion. You’d be hard pressed to say they made big strides on the deadline. The Cardinals made clever, albeit discreet, additions to their staff in Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana, while the Rays added a quick and impressive development project in midfielder Jose Seri.

Do we think they will do both? .

14. San Francisco Giants

15. Chicago White Sox

16. Boston Red Sox

17. Cleveland Guardians

If there was a team on the sidelines who could run around and turn things around, they would probably be in that group. But if you feel strongly about one of them, well, you obviously have more confidence than any of their front desks.

Adley Rochman, the Baltimore Orioles catcher, plays during a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds on Friday, July 29, 2022, in Cincinnati.  (Associated Press/Jeff Dean)

Adley Rochman, the Baltimore Orioles catcher, plays during a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds on Friday, July 29, 2022, in Cincinnati. (Associated Press/Jeff Dean)

18. Baltimore Orioles

19. Miami Marlins

I don’t think the Orioles actually have a miracle on Grass, but they don’t need to do that to consider this season a resounding win. Turning top pick to rookie catcher Adley Ruschman looks like the real deal: He hits .252/.353/.446, looks like a stable captain and knocks on the door of the game’s elite club in less than 60 games in his major league career.

20. Arizona Diamondbacks

21. Chicago Cubs

22. Los Angeles Angels

23. Texas Rangers

We’ve come to the non-rudder part of the ratings. Neither of those teams are going anywhere this season – and two of them have seriously damaged their chances of going anywhere anytime soon with confusing trade deadlines – so the Diamondbacks take first place for having a very promising farm system.

24. Pittsburgh Pirates

25. Kansas City Royals

26. Detroit Tiger

27. Cincinnati Reds

28. Colorado Rockies

29. Oakland A’s

30. Citizens of Washington

Look, if you’re going to watch a bad team the rest of the season, can I recommend Pirates? O’Neil Cruz—mirror of circus Aaron Judge who plays Shortstop—still gets his legs in the sea in the majors. Hitting too much, not walking enough, etc. But he started swinging. Since the All-Star break, he’s at 0.257 with four eyebrows, .

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