DJI Mini 3 Pro’s first user video streams during flight

After the first video to open Friday of the yet-to-be-revealed Mini 3 Pro from DJI, it was inevitable that the film of the new drone in flight would soon be dropped. That stunned sound (accompanied by a distinct sizzle) is the pre-set pickup, right phase.

This video of the Mini 3 Pro being put through the moves was uploaded just hours later and – not in a nonsensical way – the content maker himself posted undisturbed footage of the vehicle. English pilot Darren McCardy posted the film on his YouTube channel, informing the world of his use DMPRODUCTIONS Twitter accounts. Clicks started piling up from there.

It’s very clear that McHardy’s intent in the demo is to give seduced and tortured viewers months of rumors ahead of the expected launch of the Mini 3 Pro on May 10.Rh Fast but lovable climax of the drone and integrated screen controller. As such, it features more beautiful images of the craft flying over a beach in England at sunset than technical details.

This last point has been discussed somewhat, however, by previous leaks that have provided the world with all the specification details about the drone it needs to know.

However, McHardy noted some interesting technical points. Despite recent complaints from users of DJI Mavic 3 drones about prolonged GPS communications delays — some spanning more than 10 minutes — McCardy says the Mini 3 Pro connected with one of 25 satellites it found within 10 seconds.

He also reveals that while many of the features rumored to be already working on his prematurely acquired drone, tracking or obstacle avoidance capabilities have not been activated. DJI will likely remedy these absences by modifying the firmware once the vehicle is (formally) acknowledged.

However, the video of DJI’s latest drone seems to have another inescapable — or at least very likely — element. To wit, McHardy’s post yesterday about taking out the footage that he claimed came from a leaker was actually filmed as a loner.

Aside from the manicure for the hands visible in both films, they are eerily similar, DroneDJ Writer Ishvina Singh noted that in response to yesterday’s unpacking video, “Eagle-eyed drone enthusiasts confirm that the box shown in the video comes from the stock of UK retailer Agros, which has mistakenly made its product list public. at the end of last week.” Although it is a large country (and a world), McHardy’s ancestry (is that a Manchester accent?) makes the England connection seem more than a coincidence.

Perhaps most compelling, from now on, is that if McHardy didn’t already have a Mini 3 Pro to unbox himself, how did he manage to get his hands on one to shoot flight footage on the same day? Why would a leaker take advantage of less joy in ripping off the packaging, handing the prize to the inside for a bigger deal?

McHardy may eventually answer these questions himself, but for now – on the heels of his latest work involving the Mini 3 Pro aloft – most viewers now want to know something else: how on Earth he managed to get hold of the drones days before DJI expected to present it?

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