Democrats suddenly realize that open borders are a disaster

Republican frontier state governors are sending buses full of undocumented immigrants — released in their states by the Department of Homeland Security — to the capital and New York City, exchanging recriminations and pleas for federal money from Democratic mayors of those formerly immigrant-friendly cities.

These big corporations, seemingly inadvertently, illustrate the rulers’ view – that the administration has created disaster on the US-Mexico line, requiring an immediate policy shift to protect local and state lives and finances.

It started in April. He was fed up with the federal release of large numbers of immigrants to the small, overcrowded towns of his state (including Ovaldi), Texas. Greg Abbott (right) began offering immigrants free bus trips to DC to take part of the burden back to Washington.

Arizona State. Doug Ducey (right) followed suit in May, and since then more than 7,300 immigrants have arrived in the capital from the two states, creating what Vanity Fair called an “immigrant crisis in Washington.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D-D), who reaffirmed her town’s status as a “safe haven city” for immigrants after the 2016 election of Donald Trump, now derives Abbott and Dossie’s efforts as a “cruel political skill” that creates a “humanitarian crisis” in her city that “must be dealt with.” With her at the federal level” in a letter to the Department of Defense requesting National Guard support (it has since been rejected).

Boozer was complaining about 4,000 immigrants at the time over three months to her city of more than 707,000 immigrants. In March, by comparison, DHS was disembarking up to 150 immigrants per day in Ovaldi, population 15,312, or roughly one immigrant for every 102 residents per day.

Venezuelan immigrants sent from Texas.  Greg Abbott at Union Station in the capital on August 2, 2022.
Venezuelan immigrants sent from Texas. Greg Abbott at Union Station in the capital on August 2, 2022.
Photo by Stephanie Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

New York City Major Eric Adams (D) also blamed Texas and Arizona in July for moving 2,800 immigrants into his city (population: 8467 million) over six weeks, straining the city’s homeless shelters. Adams also called for federal cash to help his government get through.

Both governors denied Adams’ accusation, but Abbott apparently considered it an invitation, as he had just begun sending buses to Manhattan as well.

Adams’ office and the New York Times described these immigrants in New York as “asylum seekers,” but this is often incorrect. Department of Homeland Security statistics show that between July 2021 and July 2022, the department allowed fewer than 40,000 “incoming aliens” to apply for asylum in the United States.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser accused Republican governors of creating
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has accused Republican governors of creating a “humanitarian crisis” in her city.
Photo by Stephanie Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

However, during that same period, CBP encountered 2,361 million arrivals on the southwest border, expelled 1.142 million under the CDC’s Title 42 pandemic-related requests (which Biden opposes) and released about 853,000 in the United States — meaning Only about 5% of immigrants complain Adams are really “asylum seekers”.

All of these immigrants, whether or not they were allowed asylum, were released for hearings that could take years to complete. Nationally, the average immigration status pending was 829 days and 953 days in New York. The only relief available to most of these illegal immigrants is asylum, so those who come to court will apply for this protection to stay here longer, even if they just come to earn more money.

The New York Times article focused on Venezuelan immigrants in New York City. Under Biden, agents on the southwest border arrested 157,600 Venezuelans, 57% of whom were unmarried adults. Only 1404 were expelled under Title 42, which means most of the rest are here indefinitely.

The Times claims the US cannot return them to Venezuela – with which America lacks diplomatic relations – but this argument rules out the fact that, as the Washington Post reported in January, Biden struck a deal with Colombia to take back the resettled Venezuelans. there.

Two million displaced Venezuelans immigrated to Colombia, and it is likely that more than a few entered illegally. However, it does not appear that the Department of Homeland Security has returned many or even asked the arrested Venezuelans where they lived before they came here.

I sympathize with DC and New York City, but I’ve spoken to officials in those poorer border cities about their struggle to deal with the costs. Perhaps now that Democrats have complained, the administration will finally pay attention.

Andrew Arthur, former INS Assistant General Counsel, Congressional Officer and Personnel Director, and Immigration Judge, is a resident fellow in Law and Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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