Cooper Kupp and Rams Reach Agreement on 3-Year Extension Worth $80 Million, Making All-Pro One of NFL’s Top Receivers

Cooper Kupp arguably had the greatest season for a wide receiver in NFL history – and now he’s cashing in on the accolades he’s garnered. Kupp and Rams agreed to the terms of a three-year, $80 million extension, As first reported by ESPN This was confirmed by CBS Sports NFL insider Jonathan Jones. Kupp is set to generate $110 million over the next five seasons, with the latest huge contract net awarded widely after the market reset in March. The extension includes a guaranteed $75 million, according to ESPN.

The $75 million guarantee marks the highest level ever offered to an NFL wide receiver or non-attack player from QB, according to ESPN. The total deal value awards Kupp an average of $22 million annually, making him the sixth highest-grossing wide receiver in the league.

Tireek Hill is the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, making $30 million annually. Davante Adams comes in second with $28 million, followed by DeAndre Hopkins ($27,250,000), AJ Brown ($25 million), and Stefon Diggs ($24 million). Kupp is directly behind Hopkins with a three-year extension. Four of these five contracts were signed off-season.

On Monday, the Rams made first All-Pro DT Aaron Donald their first $30 million-a-year non-quarterback with a three-year deal worth $95 million.

Selecting the 2021 All-Pro and Pro Bowl, Kupp finished the regular season with 145 catches for 1,977 yards and 16 touchdowns — one of the greatest campaigns for a wide receiver in NFL history. Kupp is the fourth Super Bowl-era player to receive the “triple crown” of wide receivers, joining Jerry Rice (1990), Sterling Sharpe (1992) and Steve Smith (2005). He is the first player to win the Triple Crown since Sharpe (Smith was first restricted to receiving yards and receiving touchdowns in 2005).

Cobb finished with the second most receptions (Michael Thomas had 149 in 2018) and yards (Calvin Johnson had 1964 in 2011) in a single season in NFL history. He collected more than 90 yards in 16 of 17 games in 2021, including 13 in a row — the longest streak in NFL history.

Including post-season, Kupp is the only player to exceed 2,000 yards in a single season (2,425). His 178 catches are also the most by any player in a single season (including the playoffs) in league history, and his 22 catches are tied for second place in NFL history (including postseason). Kupp was named a Super Bowl MVP after he earned eight catches for 92 yards and two touchdowns, including a game-winning touchdown reception in a Super Bowl LVI win over the Bengals.

Cobb finished with a post-season record 33, and his 478 yard reception in the playoffs was the second-most in post-season history in NFL history. His six elimination games were tiring with Rice for the second-placed postseason in NFL history.

Kupp joined Rice as the only player in NFL history to win the AP Offensive Player of the Year award, the Triple Crown, and Super Bowl MVP—all three in just one season. 27 receptions are tied in the red with Thomas (2019) and Davante Adams (2020) for the most in a single season and 846 yards after catch and 89 first-class receptions are the fifth in NFL history. His 23 catches of 25-plus yards are the most for any player of the season.

Finally, Kupp is being paid as one of the best receivers in the game – an honor well deserved after his historic 2021 season.

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