Catherine McPhee posts first photo of Sun Raini’s face on Father’s Day as a tribute to David Foster

Catherine McPhee posts first photo of Sun Raini’s face on Father’s Day as a tribute to David Foster

Catherine McPhee / Instagram

Catherine McPhee shares a closer look at her son with David Foster.

The actress and singer, 38, shared a series of photos on Instagram Sunday in honor of Father’s Day.

Among the back-to-back shots is one photo of McVeigh and Foster, 72, with their son René, whose face can be seen partially looking down at the piano. The Smashing The alum previously completely hid her little boy’s face from view when sharing his photos on social media.

Commenting on her letter, McVeigh paid tribute to Foster, whom she described as the man “who loves me like I only dreamed of and who made me complete my life by making me a mother.”

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“I love our small family. I love our large family,” McPhee continued. “You’ve never complained that your life is a little different now. Well…You just complain that you can’t stay up late watching TV in bed but how can I blame you—that’s your favorite thing.”

The star added, “You have made bringing Renee into the world an absolute joy for me. So many adventures, my love! I love you to the moon and back.”

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Catherine McPhee Instagram

Catherine McPhee Instagram

Catherine McPhee / Instagram Catherine McPhee and her son Rene

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McPhee and Foster welcomed their son in February 2021.

“Catherine McPhee and David Foster welcomed a healthy baby boy,” a representative for the couple told PEOPLE at the time. “Mom, Dad, and my son are all doing great.”

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The couple tied the knot in June 2019 after their first meeting in 2006, when Foster mentored McVeigh and the other contestants on the fifth season of American Idol.

Foster is also the father of daughters Sarah, Erin and Jordan, which he shares with second wife Rebecca Dyer, and daughters Alison and Amy from previous relationships.

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Back in April, McPhee and Foster spoke with Entertainment tonight In celebration of Clive Davis’s 90th birthday, they both cared about being new parents together.

“He’s awesome. He’s the best,” said the star, while her husband added, “She’s a great mom. Awesome mom, and we’re having the best time.”

McVeigh said ET She was “having a lot of fun” as a mom, despite some sleepless nights.

“I love him, for sure. I mean, last night was a bit tough, the time… he was up, and then you know, when you travel with the baby, you have moments where you get really tired and frustrated,” she explained. “But it’s so precious because it’s just a moment in time that won’t last forever, so from my point of view I just cherish it.”

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