Campaign staff says ‘drunk’ Rudy Giuliani wanted Trump to declare victory on election night

Drunken Rudy Giuliani advised then-President Donald Trump to declare victory on Election Night 2020 despite the fact that Fox News had invited Arizona for Joe Biden and that votes were not fully counted in other battlefield states, former advisers to the president told the January newspaper. . 6 selected committees.

During Monday’s public hearing, the committee played edited excerpts from testimony given by Giuliani, former Trump campaign chairman Bill Stebbin, former Trump adviser Jason Miller, Ivanka Trump, and others detailing the former New York major’s actions on election night.

Asked what he remembers of Giuliani’s actions in the White House on election night, Steppin said, “Um, it was, um, they were, I heard he was upstairs, you know, in the aforementioned reception area, and um, he was looking to speak to the chief and suggested instead that he come to speak with several of us from the map room.”

Former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, indicates he speaks as Trump supporters gather near the White House on January 3. 6, 2021 (Jim Burr/Reuters)

While testifying before the committee, Miller was asked if there was “anyone in that conversation who, in your observation, was drinking quite a bit?”

“Ah, Major Giuliani,” Miller replied.

“Tell me about it,” asked the commission’s lawyer. “What is your remark about his possible intoxication during that discussion of what the president should say when he addressed the nation on election night?”

“The mayor was definitely drunk, but I don’t know how drunk he was when he talked to the president, for example,” Miller said.

Giuliani, who in the days and weeks after the election lobbied Trump’s infamous case that voter fraud cost him the election, then suggested Trump simply tell the nation he won.

“There were suggestions by Mayor Giuliani that he go and declare victory and say we won it right away,” Miller said, adding, “I think, effectively, Mayor Giuliani was saying, ‘We won it. They are stealing from us. Where did all the sounds come from? We have to go say we won. Basically anyone who did not agree with this position was weak.”

Testibin was uncomfortable with this idea.

A video of Giuliani's testimony is shown on a screen during Tuesday's select committee hearing.

A video of Giuliani’s testimony is shown on a screen during Tuesday’s select committee hearing. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

“It was too early to make any calls like that,” Steppin testified. “The ballots were still running. The ballots were going to run for several days and it was too early” to declare any victory.

When asked what she thought the president should tell the country after the Fox News call that Biden had won Arizona, Ivanka Trump replied, “I don’t know I have a firm view of what he should say. In these circumstances, the results were still being counted.” And it became clear that the race would not be called on election night.”

On Friday, charges of moral misconduct were brought against Giuliani in Washington, D.C., due to his baseless assertions in federal court challenging the legality of the 2020 presidential election. Giuliani was unsuccessful in his various court appeals to overturn the election results.

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