Britney Spears is preparing to marry her fiancé Sam Ashghari today – with family members banned

Sources close to the singer revealed that Britney Spears is preparing to marry her fiancé Sam Ashghari in an intimate wedding today.

The 40-year-old star and her 28-year-old beau are expected to say “I do” in front of a very small and exclusive guest list – that doesn’t include Britney Lynn Spears’ mom, Jamie Lynn Spears’ dad, or her sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

According to TMZ, it wasn’t decided who would walk Britney down the aisle, but she invited her brother Brian who would be the only exception to the no-family rule.

Sam popped the question to hitmaker Hit Me Baby One More Time back in September, shortly after Britney was released from his 13-year restoration.

Since then, the couple has taken off on several five-star vacations, including Cabo, Cancun, Las Vegas, and Hawaii.

In her latest Instagram video, Britney sparked rumors of her intention to marry for a third time today as she filmed herself serving champagne with Sam in the back of a Rolls-Royce chauffeur.

The star caught a glimpse of her fresh manicure for the camera, with her nails adorned with white polish and jewels – in keeping with the wedding theme.

Speaking in a British accent, Britney said: “This is the second time I’ve ever been in a Rolls Royce, I’m really excited to have stars on the ceiling and little champagne glasses I’ve never had before, it’s really cold.

“I feel very sophisticated with all the jewels in my hand,” she added, flashing her hand to the camera.

“Toodle-oo my friends. Cheers,” the pop star signed before sending a kiss in front of the camera.

Britney previously revealed that fashion designer Donatella Versace was designing her dress.

Earlier this year, Versace made a personal visit to Britney’s home to work on their plans.

Sam and Britney met again on the set of her video Slumber Party in 2016 and have been rarely apart since.

In April of this year, Britney announced that she was pregnant with her first child with Sam – which she unfortunately dropped.

Her wedding today will be the third time Britney has walked down the aisle, having previously tied the knot with Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

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