Britney Spears and Wissam Asgari Sign Prenup “Clothed Irons”

Late last year, Asgari lifted the lid on his “fair and square” approach to their finances, revealing that he is “careful about money” and that they do not share a joint account.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are said to have signed a preliminary agreement to protect the pop star’s multi-million dollar earnings.

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In the back of their intimate wedding on June 9, sources close to the couple told TMZ that precautionary measures have been taken before the big day.

According to reports, the agreement will ensure that every cent Spears earned up to their wedding date will be guarded in case she and Asghari separate.

Spears – worth about $60 million – was denied any control over her financial affairs from 2008 to November 2021 under the terms of her guardianship agreement.

With her newfound freedom, it comes as no surprise to hear that her legal team has been eager to obtain prior clearance to ensure she retains what is her right in the event of a divorce.

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Asgari – who is presumably worth much less than his current wife – has been transparent in the past about the conflicting financial situations between him and Spears, revealing to GQ late last year that he prefers to cover his spending habits.

After first denying allegations that he acts only as a “house husband” to his co-star, Asghari – a fitness trainer – said he and Spears negotiate finances like any other couple.

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“Swap who pays for dinner. We don’t have a joint account,” he said of the dynamic of their imagination, before lifting the lid on his frugal approach to life.

“I live on lettuce, rice, and coffee. That works out to $16 a day so I can take care of that myself.” “I am anxious about money because I want to build a future for my children.”

And while Asgari prefers to be careful with his finances, he is certainly not ignorant of the fact that Spears’ lifestyle demands a level of luxury that doesn’t always come cheap.

“We travel a lot and I’m dating an expensive girl, who has expensive taste,” he explained. “If it were up to me, we’d cut back on travel, stay in a much cheaper hotel, and probably live on $60 a day…because that’s what I can afford.”

In order to quell any speculation about their relationship, Asghari told the outlet that his and Spears’ approach to money revolved around “fairness and fairness.”

“I think it’s a normal lifestyle and it’s not about money,” he said.

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Despite taking the issue of their finances very seriously, it seems that Asghari is also able to see the lighter side of the various bank balances. In fact, on a separate occasion, the 28-year-old even joked that he and Spears were organizing an initial get-together in order to protect for him side of the bargain.

“Thank you to everyone who is interested in prenup!” He wrote on his Instagram story last September. “Of course we get an iron-clad rag to protect my collection of jeeps and shoes in case you get rid of me one day.”

Thus, given the legal turmoil that Spears had to endure with the dissolution of guardianship last year, fans are certainly happy to hear that she and her team are covering all bases going forward.

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