BRI Online Banking, How to Register, Activate and Use

To enjoy BRI Online Banking, you must first register and activate. Here’s how to register and activate it

Similar to many other large banks, BRI Bank offers services Online Banking To facilitate customers in financial transactions anywhere and anytime. So number You don’t have to worry about coming to the branch office or an ATM because it can be accessed via your smartphone or laptop.

Online Banking BRI is an online banking service that you can use for various financial (non-cash) transactions via a laptop or mobile phone connected to the internet. From checking balances, payments, reloads, account transfers and transfers between BRI bank accounts and other banks, it can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. for Enjoy the service Online Banking This is a state-owned bankYou need to register and activate it first.

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How to register Online Banking BR

Register for Online Banking
Register for Online Banking

You can do this registration process easily. There are two ways, namely by visiting the nearest BRI branch office or through an ATM.

1. Registration through the offices of the BRI فرع branch

To register directly at the nearest BRI branch office, first complete the following requirements:

  • BRI savings book (BritAma, BritAma Junio ​​or Simpedes) that has an active BRI ATM card
  • Identity Card (KTP).
  • Mobile as a verification tool. Cell phones must use the SIM card operator that has cooperated with BRI, namely Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Telkom Flexy, Bakrie Telecom and Mobile-8.
  • Valid email to receive email notification Online Banking BRI.

If you have fulfilled all the above requirements, you can enroll in BRI Online Banking in cClient sServices. In this registration process, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Make sure that each column is filled in correctly, so that this process goes smoothly. If the registration process is completed, you will receive an m-Token and you must activate the service.

2. Registration via ATM

As for the list of steps Online Banking BRI at ATMs, including:

  • Insert your BRI ATM card
  • Type your ATM PIN
  • Choose another menu, then choose the ‘Internet Banking Services’ menu
  • You will be asked to login The password to calculate Online Banking
  • To confirm, write again The password Himself
  • you will get Internet Banking User ID
  • Upon completion, you will receive a receipt containing User ID And the The password the account Online Banking BR.

Even though you have registered with the ATM, you still have to go to the bank for verification and activation, and get an m-Token as an additional guarantee.

BRI . Online Banking Registration Requirements

There are several requirements that you must meet to be able to register for BRI internet banking. This applies if you are going to apply for an unlock through teller bank. Here are the terms.

  • Bring a BRI savings account.
  • Show identification like ID card, driver’s license, passport, KIMS.
  • Fill out the application form Online Banking At the BRI branch office.
  • you have a number cell phone From Provider Who cooperate with BRI, such as Telkomsel, Indosat or XL.
  • You have an email address that is being actively used.

All of these requirements will be raised later when you start registering for BRI Internet Banking at a branch office.

However, before doing that, you can first register for a BRI iBank account at a BRI ATM. The goal is to get a user ID.

How to activate BRI Internet Banking

Activate Internet Banking
Activate BRI . Internet Banking

After successful registration, the next step is to activate it. steps:

1. Go to the site

2. Enter User ID And the passwords and the symbol captcha to check

3. Next, go to the Terms and Conditions page, and click on Agree

4. Next request to change The password the account Online Banking BRI and enter an active email

5. Done and account Online Banking Your BRI can already be used.

Activate BRI Online Banking through the BRI Mobile App

Customers can also use the BRI Mobile app through the following steps:

  • Download the BRI Mobile app
  • Register a new account by following the steps shown on the main page of the application
  • After successfully creating an account, sign in with your new account
  • Open the application and select the menu “Internet Banking”
  • Enter the user ID and The password Then select the “Activation” option and select “Yes”
  • A notification will appear to send an SMS to your mobile phone via the official number 3300
  • When finished, information will appear that your activation was successful and the Internet Banking Services BRI can be used immediately

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Activate BRI m-Token

Activate mToken
Activate mToken

To use BRI . services Online Banking As a maximum, you must activate a BRI m-Token as an additional security required for each financial transaction (money transfer, bill payment, purchase), change passwords And change the email address.

You can order m-Token at Online BankingAfter completing m-Token registration in BRI branch pockets and activating m-Token in Online Banking.

m-Token registration can be done at all BRI branch offices by filling in and signing the application form. To activate, you can do so by coming directly to the branch office. Don’t forget to bring your account book and your cell phone.

Hints on using BRI . services Online Banking

BRI Online Banking
BRI Online Banking through the official BRI website

You have to be more careful in using the service Online Banking. Various risks may occur, especially various crimes committed by irresponsible persons. Avoid this with some tips below:

1. Make sure you only access BRI services Online Banking Only on the official BRI website

2. Always keep confidential The password And the User ID BR Online Banking you are fine

3. Never save The password You are automatically on your laptop or Tools You are.

4. Change The password periodically

5. Avoid sign in through a network or public Internet connection (public wifi).

6. If you find anything suspicious, immediately contact the BRI at 14017 or 1500017

Easy and safe transaction

Use of BRI . services Online Banking It became the choice of many people. If you are interested in this service, make sure you always access it through the right methods and media. Enjoy the convenience of handling securely, so that all matters relating to your money can be operated easily and smoothly.

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