BNI Internet Banking: How to Register and Activate

Jakarta, – BNI Internet Banking is a service issued by BNI to guide its customers in conducting transactions or other financial activities. This online service can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Features available in this service range from scheduled and recurring transfers, transfers of transactions up to the last six months, opening of a Deposit / Taplus / Tapenas account, personalization of the home page, m-secure application or token on a smartphone, and access to the mobile version.

The most interesting thing is that the personal financial management feature of BNI Internet Banking allows you to plan the financial according to your needs with automatic scheduling of the deposit and also allows you to monitor the cash flow and trends in spending / funds given in the form of graphs.

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Registration for this service can be done through a BNI ATM or through a customer service representative at the nearest branch office. Before registering, make sure to register your last mobile number and email address with BNI.

How to register BNI Internet Banking on an ATM

  • Visit your nearest BNI ATM
  • Enter the ATM password
  • After the main menu screen appears, select the electronic channel registration menu and then select BNI Internet Banking.
  • Enter the 6-digit Registration PIN (customers will be required to re-enter the Registration PIN as confirmation). The system will ask for the registration PIN when the customer activates on the BNI website.
  • After the registration process is completed, the customer will receive a receipt from the ATM as proof of registration and on the same receipt, a 6-8 character order code will be inserted which the system will also require when activating the customer on the BNI website.
  • After the BNI ATM registration process is completed, customers can proceed with the activation process on the website.

How to register for BNI Internet Banking at the branch office

  • The customer comes to the nearest BNI branch to apply for registration as a BNI user online by bringing proof of identity (KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS) and proof of account ownership (Passbook and/or BNI Card).
  • After performing the verification process and updating the data on the customer’s mobile phone number and email address, the employee will ask about the method of authorizing the financial transactions chosen by the customer. If the customer does not have a special preference, it will be linked to BNI m-Secure.
  • After the registration process is completed, the customer will receive a receipt as proof of registration and in the same receipt the user ID will be inserted which will also be requested by the system upon activation on the BNI website.
  • After the customer service registration process is completed, customers can proceed with the activation process on the website.

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How to activate BNI Internet Banking

  • Visit صفحة page
  • On the BNI Internet Banking login screen, the customer can click on the link “Please click here to activate BNI Internet Banking registration”.
  • Enter 6-8 characters of the application code listed on the ATM receipt, Captcha code and the 6-digit registration PIN entered on the previous ATM screen in the fields provided on the screen
  • Further, the customer is required to verify his mobile phone number registered with BNI. The system will send the one-time password (OTP) via SMS to the customer’s mobile phone to be entered in the column on the screen
  • If the OTP code entered does not match the code sent by the system, the activation process will be stopped and the customer can continue the activation process after updating the mobile phone number data through the customer service employee in the branch.
  • If the entered OTP code matches the code sent by the system, the activation process will continue
  • The customer will be asked to enter a password. The password is entered twice as confirmation of the specified password. The password format consists of a minimum of 8 characters, a maximum of 12 characters in the form of a combination of numbers and letters.
  • After entering the password, the customer will be shown the user ID generated by the system, account data, mobile phone number and email address stored in BNI. If the data is inconsistent, the customer is asked to update the data immediately either through the list in BNI Internet Banking, or through the customer service officer at the branch office. The user ID that appears, must be remembered by the client, so that it can be used at the time of login.
  • Then the client will be offered the option to activate access via a mobile browser (as an alternative to desktop access)
  • If the customer does not agree, the customer will simply remove the check mark on the mobile browser access option
  • After that, the customer simply clicks on the “Process” button, and the customer is now activated in BNI Internet Banking. This activation process will allow customers to make financial and non-financial transactions
  • When users activate for the first time, BNI m-Secure clients will automatically be connected to authenticate financial transactions. If the user customer wants to use another authorization method, the user customer can come to the nearest branch office to submit a request to contact BNI e-Secure.

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