Biden pursues the ‘Ultra-MAGA agenda’ as he sharpens his half-message

The president focused on the economic plan put forward by the leader of the Republican campaign arm in the Senate, the senator. Rick Scott of Florida, who Biden called an “extremist” and would raise taxes on millions of working-class American families. Scott’s plan, criticized by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, includes several Trump proposals and calls for the border wall to be completed and named after former President Donald Trump.

It’s the MAGA agenda, OK. Let me tell you about this extremist MAGA agenda — it’s extreme, like most MAGA things,” Biden said from the White House, referring to Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

With Congress in jeopardy this fall and many Democrats nervous about soaring inflation and low approval ratings for the president, Biden has shifted his stance and increases his offense against Republicans while trying to distinguish clearly between parties for the sake of voters.

“Under this new plan, this tax plan, the super MAGA agenda, while big corporations and billionaires will pay nothing more, working class kids will pay a lot more,” Biden said.

The president said, “There’s no reason a billionaire should pay a lower tax rate than a teacher or a firefighter. This is in sharp contrast to what the Republican Party offers today. And if they didn’t print this, you’d think I was making it.”

The speech reflects Biden’s preparations for an intense midterm campaign revolving around beating Republicans, as he attempts to rescue Democrats in the House and Senate and also launch a re-election campaign now expected to be announced by next spring.

With his approval rating as bad as the 30 in some polls, and nearly every Democratic strategist warning that the political environment is dire — and many in the party still complaining that the White House political process lacks sufficient planning or urgency — the president is short on other options. But advisers and others who spoke with him directly told CNN that the polarizing state gives him a chance to achieve a more effective contrast than any previous midterm cycle, bolstered by the material on which they draw from initial gains expected by Trump loyalists and other far-right candidates in May and June — plus To the expected Republican opposition to Biden’s latest attempt to advance domestic politics the congressional reconciliation process is underway.

While Biden’s midterm message is expected to focus heavily on the economy, he attempted to paint the same contrast between Democrats and Republicans on abortion rights in response to a reporter’s question on Wednesday.

After being asked about a draft opinion of the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade and would be the most important abortion decision in decades, Biden said if the final opinion comes along the lines of the leaked draft, it means no one has rights unless granted by the federal government.

“This is about more than just an abortion,” the president said.

He added, “What are the next things that will come under attack? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that exists in American history, in modern American history.”

For someone who spent a large part of his presidential campaign and first year in office often highlighting decades of experience working with Republicans to pass legislation and refrain from attacking the GOP, Biden’s heavy blows against Republicans are noteworthy.

“No joking aside, this is a MAGA party now,” he said in a letter less than two weeks ago. “These guys are a different breed of cat.”

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