Biden condemns rape case of 10-year-old forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana to have an abortion

President Biden on Friday expressed outrage over the case of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who was forced to travel across the state line to undergo an abortion, in impassioned remarks about the future of abortion access in the United States.

“I was forced to travel out of state to Indiana to seek termination of pregnancy and possibly save her life,” Biden said in remarks at the White House. “Ten years – 10 years! – Raped, 6 weeks pregnant, already affected, forced to travel to another country.

The Indianapolis Star reported last week that three days after the Supreme Court abolished ru vs. valley, A doctor in Ohio treating abused children called an obstetrician-gynecologist in Indianapolis to tell her about the case of a 10-year-old female patient, a rape victim, who needed an abortion.

Ohio passed a law in 2019 making abortion illegal for about six weeks, when a fetus’s heartbeat can be detected. Hours after the Supreme Court overturned RoOhio law went into effect. The girl was, at the time, six weeks and three days pregnant.

Supreme Court ruling leaves countries free to criminalize abortion

The Ohio state doctor asked the Indiana doctor if there was anything they could do for the girl. She was later able to cross state lines to receive an abortion under the care of an Indiana doctor.

While abortion before six weeks is still legal in Indiana, state lawmakers will meet later this month to consider further restrictions on abortion. According to the Indianapolis Star, abortion providers in the state are receiving more calls from out-of-state patients seeking abortion services.

Abortions performed on patients younger than 15 in the country are rare — in 2019, 0.2 percent of reported abortions were performed on young patients, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When Biden retold the girl’s story on Friday, he seemed visibly upset. He said a 10-year-old girl should not be “forced to have a child raped”.

Biden’s focus on the child came shortly before he signed an executive order to protect abortion rights in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. The administration faced pressure from other Democrats to do more, but Biden acknowledged that his executive power has limits.

He said the Supreme Court ruling was “terrible and extreme and I think it’s a completely wrong decision”.

He added that the majority of the court, in his view, “quickly manipulates the facts” in its opinion by misrepresenting the history of abortion rights in America.

“I can’t think of anything more extreme like [the] Court decision,” Biden said emotionally.

Biden’s remarks on the 10-year-old’s case were very different from those of the Ohio governor. Mike DeWine (right), who focused on the criminal act, called child sexual abuse a “tragedy,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, saying that what the state has there, “obviously, [is] rapist.”

“We have a dangerous person and we have someone who should be arrested and locked up forever,” DeWine said.

However, he did not comment on the Ohio law he signed that prevents her from having an abortion in the state.

“This is a horrible, horrific tragedy that a 10-year-old is being assaulted, and a 10-year-old is raped,” DeWine said Wednesday, according to The Enquirer. “As a father and as a grandfather, it hurts even to think about it.”

Ohio law was one of the so-called trigger bans that went into effect in several states immediately after the court was overturned ru.

Biden outlines new steps to advance abortion rights

At the daily news conference after Biden’s remarks, White House press secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre said the president discussed the girl’s case “just to show how tough the decision on Mr. Dobbs It was a decision and how extreme it is now for the American public.”

“When you have such a young girl who must bear a child who has been raped, it is unacceptable,” said Jean-Pierre. This is why it calls to action. That is why he is trying to do everything in his power of the legal power that he has.”

Jean-Pierre said Biden would “do everything in his power to protect young people who are such a young girl.”

“But at the same time, he’s going to call out and use his bullying pulpit to explain what’s going on there, which is unacceptable,” she added.

The president, during his remarks Friday, also warned of a future in which Republicans in Congress would feel emboldened to pass a national abortion ban. He said such a measure would not become law under his supervision as he would veto it.

“We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court, working alongside extremist elements in the Republican Party, to take away our personal liberties and independence,” he said.

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