Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” is an ode to Great Resignation

Beyoncé released a new single, “Break My Soul,” on Monday. The song refers to quitting and employee stress, alluding to the recent trend of great resignation.

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The great resignation is part of the zeitgeist. If you need a guide, just ask Beyoncé.

The superstar singer’s new single, “Break My Soul,” released Monday night, is fueling workers’ malaise that has helped fuel a record number of Americans to quit their jobs. It’s the first single from her seventh album, Renaissance, scheduled for release on July 29.

Beyoncé’s poem to release your job is the latest cultural reference to the great action trend of quitting that began in the spring of 2021, at a time when the US economy was reopening on a larger scale after the pandemic lull.

Since then, Americans have used the social networking site TikTok to publicly quit their jobs, in what are called “Quit-Toks”. On the popular Reddit forum, users shared stories about leaving text messages and bosses resigning.

“It was interesting how far this phenomenon has come in the zeitgeist,” Nick Bunker, economist at job site Indeed, said of the great resignation.

Pinker said Beyoncé’s trajectory “is an example of a public awareness or broader debate about people leaving their jobs, which is a reflection of what’s happening in the labor market and society.”

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‘Beyoncé wants us to quit our jobs’

“Break My Soul” is ranked No. #1 on iTunes’ Top 100 Songs chart on Tuesday, According to PopVortex.

In the first stanza of the song, Queen Bey mocks the employee’s fatigue due to the cadence of the driving house:

I just quit my job / I’m going to find a new drive / Damn, they work hard for me / I work at nine / Then after five / And they work on my tension / That’s why I can’t sleep at night. “

Soon, Beyoncé uses an audio sample of Big FrediaThe 2014 song “Explode” repeats this theme:

“Free your anger, free your mind/Free your job, Free time/Free your bargain, Release stress/Release the love, Forget the rest.”

Several fans on social media have called for hints of the grandiose resignation. “An hour into the workday and I see why Beyoncé asked me to quit my job,” one of them Wrote on Twitter; “Beyoncé is telling me to quit my full-time job and become a full-time broadcaster and such…maybe…just do it…???” else chirp.

Fiverr, which provides services to independent employers, used the song as a springboard for marketing, Twitter: “Beyoncé wants us to give up our jobs and make a living on our own terms. I heard the woman.”

Burnout, push continue to fuel the major resignation

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The overall story of the past two years is more than that [one] of workers find and seize more opportunities rather than burn out and give up in general.

Nick Bunker

Indeed Economics

According to a recent report by Korn Ferry, a global regulatory consulting firm, “Research repeatedly shows that people quit not because their jobs are not paying enough but because their jobs are not meaningful or satisfying enough.”

Wages appear to play a role for many workers – and some economists believe it is a major driver.

Hourly wages jumped 6.1% in May from the previous year, the largest annual increase in at least 25 years, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Dynamic results from record levels of demand for workers, which have prompted companies to compete for scarce talent through wage increases, particularly in some industries such as leisure and hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) and retail.

Employment opportunities are close to an all-time high; Bunker said workers have taken advantage of this availability to relinquish their current roles and take on new, higher-paying gigs.

“The overall story of the past two years is more than that [one] More workers find and seize more opportunities than burn out and give up in general.”

In the past, he added, exhausted workers may not have felt they had the ability to quit a job and find a new one easily.

It has linked low wages and a lack of opportunity for advancement as primary motivations for workers to leave a job in 2021, followed by feeling disrespected at work, according to the Pew Research Center.

How a cold job market can affect resignations

Of course, there are indications that the labor market may cool off this year – and perhaps with it, the trend of major resignations.

For example, the Federal Reserve is raising borrowing costs for consumers and businesses in an effort to slow the economy and tame high inflation, which has eroded the purchasing power of ordinary consumers despite rising wages. The US central bank expects a slight increase in unemployment as a result of its policy.

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