At least 6 GOP representatives asked Trump on Jan. 1. 6 amnesty

  • Former White House staff members identified 6 GOP lawmakers who requested a Jan. 6 pardon.
  • Liz Cheney, formerly, Republican Rep. Scott Perry was a pardon seeker.
  • Others named Reps. Andy Bigs, Moe Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohart, and Marjorie Taylor Green.

At least 6 Republican members of Congress have been publicly identified as lobbying President Donald Trump’s White House to grant them an amnesty following the January 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol, former Trump aides revealed in their testimony before the House of Representatives. Commission of Inquiry into the Deadly Rebellion.

Republican Party representatives. Andy Bigs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Louis Gommert of Texas, Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania have asked Trump to pardon them for helping him try to overturn the 2020 election, the former white. House aid said in a series of recorded statements presented Thursday on Capitol Hill.

The White House, with the help of John McEntee, Cassidy Hutchinson and Eric Hirschman, outlined how House Republican lawmakers—most of whom have already been summoned by the Select Committee—request legal coverage from future prosecution in a January 6 montage of passages for the Select Committee. Played during the fifth public hearing.

The list of selected members may continue to grow as well. Commission staff posted a photo of an email Brooks sent to administration officials, the subject being “Pardon.”

The Jan. 6 select committee staff displayed a photo of the email representative. Mo Brooks of Alabama allegedly sent the White House requesting a presidential pardon for MAGA Representatives during the committee’s fifth public hearing on Thursday, June 23.

Warren Rogas / Inside

In it, Brooks says he writes on behalf of Gates, urging Trump to “grant a general amnesty (for all purposes) to the following groups of people: every member of Congress and Senator who voted to deny the Electoral College voting applications of Arizona and Pennsylvania.”

Former Trump White House aides who sat on deposits with House investigators reported that Bigs, Brooks, Gates, Gomert, Perry and Taylor Greene are lawmakers who have expressed interest in the pardon. Cassidy Hutchinson, who worked with Mark Meadows, the then White House chief of staff, also said. Jim Jordan of Ohio discussed possible pardons, but did not specifically request them.

Gates did not refute the accusations, and wrote on Twitter Only that the select committee is an “unconstitutional political sideshow”.

House GOP lawmakers called amnesty-seekers approached the end of Thursday’s hearing after the Jan. 6 select committee co-chairperson Liz Cheney raised the revelations at the start of the hearing.

“At the conclusion of today’s hearing, we will watch video testimony of three members of Donald Trump’s White House staff. They will identify specific members of Congress who contacted the White House after January 6 to obtain a presidential pardon,” the Wyoming Republican said Thursday during its meeting. Introductory notes.

Cheney had already appointed Perry during the commission’s first hearing, as investigators uncovered evidence of members of Congress pressuring the embattled former president to clear them of any wrongdoing before leaving office.

Perry, who was summoned by the panel about his interactions with former Justice Department official Jeff Clark, denied the accusation.

“The idea that I’ve asked for a presidential pardon for myself or other members of Congress is an absolute, rude, and soulless lie,” Perry wrote on social media.

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