Astros acquire Tre Mancini in three-team trade; Jose Seri’s deal from Houston to Reyes

The Astros landed the offensive upgrade they were seeking, and gained their first man base Tree Mancini of the Oriole as part of a three-way trade. middle fielder Jose Seri He’s moving from Houston to Tampa Bay, while a trio of potential prospects are also finding themselves on the move. send x-rays Seth Johnson to the Oriole as they move Jayden Murray to Houston. Chase McDermott They head from the Astros to the Orioles to seal the deal. In order to make a place for Siri in the list of 40 players, Tampa Bay appointed a defensive player Britt Phillips for tasks.

The Mancini has a .268/.347/.404 font by 401 panel appearances. He’s only connected in ten home runs, a little shy of Homer’s 21-plus pace he posted in every healthy season between 2017 and 21. Despite low power output, the Mancini has a 10% above-average barrel rating And an exit speed of 89.6 mph which is in line with the signs of his career. Mancini’s dip in long balls appears to have more to do with changes in the ball and the Orioles’ deepening of the left field wall than it is an indication that his strength has really taken a step back.

Mancini’s right-handed hits also hits a powerful combination of hitting and walking. He shines in 21.4% of his board appearances, which is just below the league average and among the lowest in his career. Mancini is such a well-rounded bat that he’s supposed to carve out his playing time Yuli Gurel. The reigning AL batting champ is a longtime member of the Houston organization, but has a disappointing .243/.293/.392 streak throughout the year. Houston is said to have been looking at offensive upgrades that could replace Gurriel on the depth scheme. While the club was previously associated Josh Bell And the Wilson ContrarasThey’ve switched to Mancini.

It is another addition to the Houston club that already has one of the best teams in the league. The Astros enter play on Monday with a .240/.318/.425 streak that translates into an attack 13 percentage points better than the league average, according to wRC+. Houston’s raw run score total is a bit less impressive, though the club ranks 12th in the top run with 461 points.

Mancini has some experience with corner kicks, but he’s primarily an option at first base or the designated hitter. her astros Kyle Tucker As their primary right player, but left fielder Michael Brantley He has been on the casualty list for over a month and still has an uncertain recovery timeline. Jordan Lavarez He set the hitter into account, leaving first base and perhaps some occasional packing action in the left as the clearest path to playing time.

Over the past few months, Mancini has looked like one of the best bats that may be available this summer. Despite that, the Orioles went 16-7 this month to bring themselves back to 0.500. Baltimore is three games away from last place in the Wild Card in the MLS, and it seems to raise at least some questions about how motivated they are to take on players from the MLB roster. At least in the case of Mancini, they remain committed to their goal of boosting the roster for 2023 and beyond, but it is a move that is likely to disappoint at least part of the club and its fan base.

Mancini has been a lifelong member of the organization, and was one of the few big production leagues to remain on the MLB roster throughout the franchise’s recent rebuilding process. He’s been well respected in the community for a long time, and that’s especially true in the wake of beating colon cancer in 2020. He was deservedly named MVP in AL’s comeback last season.

The 30-year-old will likely be a free agent at the end of the season, making him a rental pickup for the Astros. He plays this year with a salary of $7.5 million, about $2.72 million still to be paid. Houston will assume this tab in addition to the $250,000 acquisition of a $10 million mutual option for 2023. (The player and team never exercise mutual options, and Mancini seems likely to concede his end in search of a multi-year agreement this winter.)

Although ambiguous at least in the appendix feud, the Orioles will continue to look toward the future. They will add a pair of young arms, neither of which will affect the club in 2022. Johnson is the most famous of the duo. The 40th overall pick in the 2019 draft, he was a former college student who shone impressive things and dominated the low-hitters in his limited time on the hill. American baseball recently ranked it No. 9 in the Deep Rays system, praising its mid-’90s Fastball and slider that sometimes earns plus-plus scores (70 on a 20-80 scale) from raters. An excellent athlete, the 23-year-old is considered a potential mid-turn, although he has not yet reached the double A level.

Johnson had a 2.88 ERA in a 93 2/3 round in Low-A last season, and scored 29% of the opposing hitters. He’s managed to impress 37.3% of the speculators he’s encountered during his first seven High-A matches this year, but has been out since May 20 with an injury that required Tommy John surgery. Johnson will have to be added to the 40-player roster at the end of this season or be hit with a Base 5 draft. With him facing a lengthy injury absence and not particularly close to major league readiness, clinching a 40-player off-season spot could be easier for O than It was a Tampa Bay team with a lot of top level depth.

The Rays also split from Murray, his pick in the 23rd round of the 2019 draft. Producer Dixie State, the right-hand man made a brief cameo at Triple-A but spent the greater part of the season in Double-A Montgomery. He has a 2.83 ERA on 16 appearances (15 starts), making up for a modest 20.5% hit rate with a meager 7.3% walk percentage while pitting players on the ground with nearly half of the balls in play against him. The ejector adds volume and a potential rear spinner to the upper levels of the Houston ranch system; It will have to be added to the 40-player roster this winter or made available in Draft Base 5.

In contrast, Tampa Bay enhances its instant outdoor blend. Siri, 27, is a former front-runner for the Reds, who was discontinued at the end of his tenure in the Cincinnati system. He has appeared in the major leagues in each of the past two seasons since signing a minor league contract with Houston during the 2020-21 season. The series passed a 21-game stint late last year, but has struggled to follow the longest this season. With 196 cumulative board appearances, he hit 0.210/.265/.381 with a whopping 33.2% strike rate as a top player.

At the same time, it’s easy to see why he’s interested in the Rays – even after he’s picked up David Peralta Over the weekend – fairly short-lived on the field after the loss Manuel MargoAnd the Kevin Kiermayer And the Harold Ramirez to injury. Siri is so powerful and fast, it has canceled Triple-A in over 16 games this year. He made .318/.369/.552 from 397 appearances at the top level of Palace last year, and can be selected in Triple-A Durham for the remainder of this season.

That’s not the case for Phillips, who has dropped out of the secondary options. A talented defensive player, Phillips has made 75 appearances for Tampa Bay this season across all three positions on turf. It only hit .147/.225/.250 with a 40% north strike rate, though, and the struggles in the plate became too much for the Tampa Bay Front Office to ignore. Rays can deal with Phillips over the next day, or he’ll find himself in concessions. He earns $1.4 million, but his strength, defense and kind presence at the club could lead another team to shoot him as a depth option.

McDermott is, from now on, the final part of the deal from an Orioles perspective. In the fourth round of Ball State last year, the 23-year-old Right spent the season at High-A. He has a whopping 35.4% strike rate over the 72 rides there, starting with 10 of 19 outings. However, it came with an alarming walking rate of 13.4%. American baseball recently named him sixth in the thin Houston ranch system, praising his 92-96 mph fastball and a pair of above-average broken pitches in the slider and curve ball.

Dan Connolly of Athletic It was first reported that Mancini had traded with Houston. Roche Kotbaku from The Orioles stated they were receiving multiple promotion opportunities. Ken Rosenthal athlete He was the first to report a three-team business deal that would send Siri to Tampa Bay; Rosenthal He was also the first to report that Johnson went to the Orioles. Mark Tobkin of the Tampa Bay Times I reported Rice’s appointment to Phillips for the appointment. Jeff Bassan from ESPN The McDermott Corporation was first acquired by Baltimore.

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