Apple’s RealityOS for rumored headphones appears in Brands app

RealityOS – the name Apple uses for the operating system that powers the rumored augmented and virtual reality headset – appeared in a brand file that was spotted by Parker Ortolani. Bloomberg News The trademark for the “realistic operating system” was first reported in 2017, and references to the name appeared in Apple’s software.

The trademark application is not formally filed by Apple, but it is common practice for large companies to apply for trademarks under one-off company names — such as Realityo Systems LLC, in this case — in Delaware for the sole purpose of maintaining anonymity.

The trademark application is the latest evidence that Apple is about to announce the long-rumored headset. It comes on the heels of news earlier this month that the company’s board of directors had experimented with the wearable, a common practice ahead of a public launch. in january, Bloomberg News You mentioned that the headset was originally planned to be released in late 2022 following an announcement at the company’s developer conference, but that may be delayed due to development challenges. The headset could now launch in 2023, according to Bloomberg.

The brand’s documentation refers to “wearable computers” and is said to relate to “the design and development of computer hardware, software, peripherals, and computer and video games.” The design and functionality of Apple’s headphones has been the source of a lot of speculation over the years, but most reports suggest that it will be able to offer a mix of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, immersing you in virtual content as well as layering virtual elements over real-world environments.

It is important to note that the RealityOS trademark was not applied for by Apple itself, instead it was registered by a company called “Realityo Systems LLC”. But Ortolani reports that Realityo does not appear to have any public presence, suggesting it is a shell company used by the Cupertino-based tech company to hide its involvement. Apple is said to have taken the same approach in the past, 9to5Mac Reports, using a fake company called “Yosemite Research LLC” to record the names of macOS updates such as Yosemite, Big Sur and Monterey.

kickers? Realityo Systems LLC and Yosemite Research LLC are both registered at the same address, which largely means that Apple is behind them. The RealityOS brand and service mark files do not list any examples of the use of the name in public (meaning the product associated with it has not yet been released), and they are the only applications associated with Realityo Systems LLC.

Discovered just days before Apple’s annual developer conference kicks off next week on June 6, the apps were listed for deadlines on June 8, leading to speculation that the headset could be announced during Apple’s keynote. But Bloomberg Mark Gorman’s notes That the timing of the June 8 date is likely a coincidence, coinciding with a major legal deadline that comes six months after the trademark was originally introduced. “Maybe we’ll see him [at WWDC]” Gorman tweeted“But the trademark application is not evidence of that.”

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