Anti buffering and slow, these are tips to strengthen 4G signals on mobile phones

NOVAid – In a fully digital age, the role of technology is definitely increasing in making it easier for people to complete their daily activities.

However, it is undeniable that many smartphone users sometimes complain about network instability and slow smartphone operation.

Now, in line with the efforts of telecom operators in Indonesia to complete the migration of 3G to 4G networks in 2022, the need for affordable smartphones capable of capturing the faster and anti-slow 4G internet networks is also increasing day by day.

Understanding this, and as an effort to underscore its commitment to delivering meaningful innovation to users, Samsung Electronics Indonesia offers affordable solutions to the broader community to upgrade to smart phone 4G through the Galaxy A03 series line.

With a large screen, memory and battery along with 4G and a price in the millions, the Galaxy A03 series is the answer for consumers who want smart phone Perfect performance but at a minimum budget for everyday basic needs.

“For a price of only 1 million, people can get the Galaxy A03 series to enjoy 4G services so that the calling experience becomes smoother and the internet is faster.”

Moreover, Samsung has also teamed up with Telkomsel to bring more convenience to customers in using the 4G network on the Galaxy A03 series.

Along with great features such as a 5,000mAh battery, a 6.5-inch wide screen for various activities, RAM and memory variants up to 128GB that can be selected according to needs, and camera configurations up to 48MP to support different everyday basic needs, said Ricky Bunardi, Director Marketing of MX Products at Samsung Electronics Indonesia: “The Galaxy A03 series can be used as the best solution for consumers who want to manage their daily activities smoothly.”

So, how can the features of the Galaxy A03 series make your daily life more smooth? Check the following explanation:

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How to beat smart phone slow to make multitasking Seamless with large memory and 4G network

Lots of users smart phone Complaining about memory full cause smart phone It gets slow and hot which of course interferes with navigation when you have to use it smart phone for different purposes.

Although it already has a fairly large internal memory, there are different ways to continue to take care of and maintain the smartphone so that it continues to provide the maximum performance and experience.

One of the ways that can be done is to delete the cached data from the apps that are done often so that the available storage space becomes more optimal in maximizing the performance of the smartphone.

Here is how to clear the cache data that you need to do regularly so that the smartphone continues to provide maximum performance for a long time and does not slow down quickly:

  • Go to Settings, then select Apps
  • After the appearance of many applications that are often used, we can choose the YouTube application for example
  • Next, tap on Storage menu
  • Then select Clear Memory
  • After that, it can be seen that the memory of the YouTube application or other applications that we can choose has become empty.


Deleting app memory can help speed up 4G signals on mobile phones

In addition to deleting cache data, there are other ways you can do to preserve it smart phone Make it smoother multitasking On the 4G network it is working hard to update the operating system.

By updating the smartphone software, we will get new features that increase the comfort of using the device, the latest security patches that protect the device from viruses and malware, to fix various bugs that make the device performance more smoothly.

Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid setting auto download In the WhatsApp application, so your smartphone is not loaded with many photos and videos that are automatically downloaded and stored in the internal memory of the device.

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How to be more satisfied when playing games to stream content with big battery and 4G network

smart phone It gives us unlimited entertainment to enjoy, from playing games to watching videos.

So, you can spend more time playing popular casual games like Stumble Guys, Higgs Domino Island and Candy Crush Saga, or stream YouTube videos and movie marathons or trending series now without worrying about your battery running out quickly.

Interestingly, especially for the Galaxy A03 Core, this smartphone is equipped with Android 11 Go Edition which saves battery consumption but with a network connection experience that remains smooth, allowing you to play games and stream happily without running out of battery too much.

To be more satisfied with gaming and live streaming, you can also maximize tips to preserve long-term battery life. For example, it is a good idea not to play games or watch while charging so that the device does not heat up quickly and the battery does not leak quickly. In addition, simply charge the device to a range of 80% to 85%.

The good thing is that the Galaxy A03 series is equipped with the Adaptive Battery feature that will limit the battery usage for apps that you rarely use, thus the battery can last longer. You can enable the adaptive battery feature in the following ways:

  • Go to Settings, then select Device & Battery Care
  • Next, select Battery menu
  • Click More battery settings
  • Then enable Adaptive Battery
Settings to make your HP battery last longer


Settings to make your HP battery last longer

So, for those of you who are the coolest who are always updating the latest trend developments on social media and exciting games that you can’t miss, you can try to switch to 4G network for better experience. browsing It is faster and makes your digital life easier.

Not only that, for those of you who are amateurs online shopping You don’t have to worry anymore because with the 4G network in the Galaxy A03 series, you can enjoy faster e-commerce access to shop online, pay bills online, or transfer via mobile banking. This way you can be more free and comfortable in choosing your shopping without the hassle of leaving home.

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