Anaheim Mayor Harry Seydoux has resigned amid FBI corruption investigations into the sale of Angel Stadium

Anaheim, California. (CABC) – Anaheim Mayor Harry Seydoux has resigned amid an FBI corruption investigation into the sale of Angle Stadium.

His resignation takes effect at midnight on Tuesday.

The resignation comes as it was revealed last week that the mayor was the subject of an investigation by the FBI, which alleged in a written search warrant that he provided inside information to executives on the stadium deal and arranged for the purchase of a registered helicopter. in Arizona so he can save money on taxes.

The FBI claims Seydoux was hoping to get a $1 million campaign donation from the team. This never happened and the FBI says the Angels were unaware of the scheme, but this has been increasing for a while now.

Said Paul S. “A fair and thorough investigation will establish that Major Harry Seydoux did not leak classified information in the hope of a subsequent contribution to the political campaign,” Meyer, Seydoux’s attorney, said in a statement. “His consistent goal from the beginning has been to preserve the Angels in Anaheim, so that this vibrant social and economic relationship may continue…

“Major Harry Seydoux has always worked, as a high priority, for the good of the City of Anaheim, and he does so today. In order to continue working for Anaheim and allow this great city to move forward without distraction, Harry Seydoux has resigned as Mayor effective 24 May 2022” .

It comes as three members of Anaheim City Council last week called for Mayor Seydoux to resign amid an FBI corruption investigation into his involvement in the proposed sale of Angel Stadium to team owner Artie Moreno.

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“We need a fresh start, and we need it now, and this begins with Major’s resignation, and I hope Major works in Anaheim’s best interest,” said Anaheim Pro Mayor Tim Trevor O’Neill.

Seydoux has not been charged with a crime, but is accused of soliciting $1 million in campaign contributions from a representative of the Angels in return for performing official acts that would end the sale of the stadium.

On at least two occasions, Seydoux provided classified information about the city to the Angels for use by the team in their negotiations with the city, FBI Detective Brian Adkins says in an affidavit.

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The question remains as to who will take over the post of mayor.

The city council has 60 days to appoint a replacement, but there are also elections in November. To make matters more problematic, there is a city council meeting on Tuesday, and as of now, the vacancy can’t even be discussed because it’s not on the agenda.

That could change with an emergency addition, but this is now a city in turmoil with a federal government investigation, a county government looking to investigate, and a city without a leader.

The City News Service contributed to this report.

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