Alexander Volkov defends Herb Dean’s ban against Jairzinho Rosenstrwick but added: “It’s not my fault anyway.”

Alexander Volkov is thrilled with his victory over Jairzinho Rosenstruck at UFC Vegas 56, even if there are questions about the timing of the suspension.

The end came after Volkov hit Rosenstrik with his right hand straight down the middle that rocked Suriname’s heavyweight and put him on rubber legs. From there, Volkov began firing punches in quick succession of fire as Rosenstrwick switched to survival mode, trying to defend as he fell to the knee while continuing to absorb the penalty.

With Volkov still unloading hits and no sign of Rosenstreck escaping, referee Herb Dean intervened to stop the competition. Immediately after that, Rosenstrik seemed to protest the way the fight had ended, even though the replays seemed to have been seriously hurt even if it wasn’t actually dropped on the canvas.

“It’s not my fault anyway,” Volkov said at the post-match press conference at UFC Vegas 56. The verdict stopped this.

“At the moment, I hit him, he was kicked out a little bit so he wasn’t quite refreshed. Anyway, it was a great opportunity to drop him, to land because he was almost on the carpet. I was ready to get rid of him and get on with my work.”

One thing that’s pretty clear is that Rosenstrek is in serious trouble even if he’s not fully afloat, which is what made Volkov feel the ending was justified.

No matter how he saw the stop, Volkov also knows he has no control over the judgment, because it is Dean’s decision to determine how long a fighter can take before he sees enough to finish him off.

“[Rozenstruik] Volkov said. “The referee stopped the fight. He was in a bad position and took some hard punches and came off a bit. It’s not my fault but ask the referee, not me. I just did my job.”

More than anything, Volkov was happy to return to the winning column after a disappointing performance against Tom Aspinal at UFC London back in March.

That night, Volkov suffered a first-round loss, which was the fastest defeat ever of his UFC career.

He is now looking to build that win as Volkov strives to maintain his position as one of the best heavyweight fighters in the UFC.

“I am really happy to be back on a winning streak,” Volkov said. “I’m happy to come back with a win. I’m happy. I did all the plan I had in this fight. Everything went well. Nothing went wrong. Everything was fine.”

As far as to come next, Volkov isn’t sure who he might face with the many dumbbells waiting for him in the order already booked in the other fights.

Although he wasn’t interested in calling anyone by name, Volkov spoke about two potential matches after being asked about Derek Lewis, which was a fight he would easily win until he was caught with a late third-round cannabis maker to suffer a knockout loss.

To hear Volkov say it, this isn’t a real match he’s looking forward to visiting again, but there’s another match he’ll be interested in if the show is made.

“I don’t care about revenge or winning other battles,” Volkov explained. “I’m ready for any challenge. Any challenge would be good but maybe I want to take it again [Ciryl] Jane because this fight was close. With Derek Lewis, I won all the rounds and then I got this punch. It was good for him. He was really good with his punches, but anyway, I don’t feel like that’s a big deal to me.

“For me, I like more challenges, and now, for me, I think the rematch is with Jen because I respect him so much, about his standing work, about everything, so exciting to meet him again. I am ready for any challenge against any fighters. , At what time “.

The only condition Volkov will hope to fulfill after Saturday is to find an opponent to allow him to come closer to contending for the title again. But apart from that, he’s just eager to go home to his family.

“I understand that I need more wins to get the championship title,” Volkov said. “I am ready for any battles to achieve these gains. That is.”

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