Age was in the making

I recently read a statistic that 50% of WR drafted in the first round have never had a 1,000-yard season and 30% have no more than two 1,000-yard seasons. It makes me wonder why so many fans thought trading for a high WR in the first round, or in the first round at all was a great course of action. The law of averages states that no matter where the WR is formulated, it probably won’t have much of an effect. Given how many good WRs the package has had outside of the first round, why not just trust the system that has been running for 30 years?

The only conclusion I can draw is that the receiver is one of the flashiest positions, so fans are naturally drawn to it. I don’t begrudge them their desire to pick the first round at the receiver. My gripe has been, and always will be, these patriotic spots fans rave about “how Aaron Rodgers never got to make a first-round pick.” He is lazy and disrespectful of all that Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordi Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cope and Davante Adams have accomplished in their decorated careers. Those are six receivers that, in my opinion, are all Packers Hall of Famers. I’m sorry none of them were first-round picks.

Hi Wes and Mike. I know that many considered Lazard to lack speed, which contributed to him going without drafting. However, I will present MVS’s 74-yard TD against the Raiders in 2019 as a rebuttal. Take a look at the late Packer who seems to be making strides with the MVS and definitely not losing ground. Maybe bad rap?

It is not a track meet. It is a football game. I didn’t care what Lazard’s forty time was or what he is now. He’s a prime receiver and has Rodgers’ confidence.

With all the talk of Romeo Dobbs, Aaron is promoting Allen Lazard as a no. 1, It seems to me that Sammy Watkins is being overlooked. I was in training on Thursday and I was very impressed. I realize it’s only fair at this point to ask if he can stay healthy for an entire season. However, it didn’t seem to me that his streak of injuries robbed him of his speed and speed.

Watkins still has his speed. It took me a couple of practices to figure it out. Echoing what Larry McCarren said earlier this week, Watkins seemed to be the part. His Hunting Away from the Deep Road by Jordan Love was one of the five best camp plays so far. If there was, Watkins would produce. It is just about staying healthy. Oh, and Watkins was a former first-round pick. I’m sure the critics will love it.

Mike, you mentioned that your impression is that Romeo Dobbs prefers not to get media attention. Does the team have a person or staff to assist the players in their dealings with the press? Not much to say, but how to present themselves, handle nerves, etc. From a PR point of view, I think this will be beneficial for the team, as the overall perception of the player reflects positively or negatively on the team as a whole.

Just for the record, Romeo Dobbs has been respectful and polite with the media thus far. I think what Spoff is saying is that Doubs isn’t the type to like to draw attention to himself (other than what he’s doing on the court). He handled himself really well in the locker room and said yes to every interview request I saw. He’s just a humble personality and that’s a good thing. So was the other number. 87.

I liked Spoff’s answer about balancing the current and future options in regards to menu building. What’s more, why is Brian Gutkunst and others forcing a decision now when newer (and better) information will arrive soon? If you do not include current information – and do not update your ratings as current information becomes available – I guarantee that you will be behind your competition in no time. Let the information come to us, rather than to us.

The thing I found more interesting about Kurt than the Traverse City question is that he tried to use a business analogy before making a claim that no successful business would engage in. Want to make money today and tomorrow? Not one or the other. If anything, Gutekunst has better positioned his teams to win now based on his willingness to sign De’Vondre Campbell, Dennis Kelly and now Dallin Leavitt to increase young position groups/units.

Tracy from Little Rock, Arkansas

Is Kwai Walker likely to play on the edge to blow up Preston Smith and Rashan Gary? I’m concerned about the depth of that position group.

Possible? No, but the beam could use the Walker to stalk passers-by a bit. He has the scale and speed to do so. But I don’t think it will be quite as straightforward as hiring Smith or Gary, one-on-one.

Really enjoy our quick videos, “three things”, and locker room highlights! Thank you for all the great content. Haven’t you heard a lot about ROEs, any insights into the performance of younger guys?

I wasn’t in training on Thursday, but Andy Herrmann mentioned Tyler Goodson had a nice day. With Patrick Taylor messing up a bit at the moment, this coming week could be huge for Judson and PJ Baylor on their way to their first pre-season game in San Francisco. Goodson has been a consistent, reliable rider back in Iowa and should get plenty of opportunities this fair season to show what he can do.

A question about the more than twenty forgotten gentlemen of the camp who did not participate in Final 53 or the practice team. It is clear that they work very hard at their craft. Do they have other options for soccer like basketball players? Can you provide a general summary of what is happening to them? I’m sure there are some great stories out there that matter to humans as well as plenty of heartbreakers.

Like anything in life, some players sign elsewhere, some play in different leagues and some move on to new jobs, including coaching. What I like about expanding the coaching staff is keeping more players in the NFL system. While it’s fine to have the CFL, XFL, and USFL as your secondary options, it’s much easier to stick to the NFL by learning your team’s guide and subpoena.

Nathan from Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Did TE start two years from now on the list?

yes. Some people call him “Bobby”.

Wes, Jordi was here. in Green Bay. Jordi’s long-awaited story was begging to be written and gone. the problem. We missed you at Family Night, too. Hope you enjoy Canton!

I saw that! It brought a smile to my face when I saw all the posts related to Jordy. It’s always a good day when ’87’ is in town.

They say you always remember your first QB. Being a kid in the early ’70s and discovering the “iron net” as a teenager, did you get the last years of Len Dickey? The early years of the majestic “Magic Man”? No, I will forever be a weak spot for Randy Wright. I wait until the Tuesday morning newspaper here in the UK to find out my team lost (again) and then the weekend to read a usually short article about the unfortunate tale of the week before the disaster. happy Days. See you in London!

I’m glad you have so much to cheer about these days.

Hi II, are the Packers touring the league to sign a spare pitcher machine? I’m surprised they only have one!

JUGS machines like the dicer. There is room for one person only.

Knowing nothing about anyone else but a bit sick of the stolen lunch references. If you need filler feedback, try a little something else.

Consider you more than breakfast fella?

Dan from Indianapolis, Indiana

Is it even legal to have half the things in “three things”!?!?

If Larry wants “half of the thing,” he gets half of the thing.

Brooke from Waterloo, Canada

My girlfriend is entering her first season as a new Packer fan and wants to cook some pre-game meals. She just asked me, “Is cheese a thing?” How do you answer this question?

“It doesn’t have to be!” I wish you all a happy holiday.

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