9 ways to make money from HP

Nowadays almost everyone uses WL for various needs. Based on reports Newzoo 2021, Indonesia ranks fourth with 160.23 million users smart phone. breakthrough smart phone The country has 58.6% of the total population.

Some people benefit from WL For social communication through cyberspace and some uses WL for work. However, not a few wearing WL to gain money.

How to make money from HP

There are many ways to make money from mobile phones, from digital nomads and photo contributors to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Here are 9 ways you can do to make money just from WL.

1. Contributor Photos

How to make money from this mobile phone can be done by those who already have experience in the field of photography.

Most of this industry is done by professionals, but it doesn’t hurt for beginners to start from scratch. You can find many photography and video study guides, both from books and courses Online.

Your snapshots can be sold on various sites, such as Shutterstock, Twenty20, Foap, Snapwire, Scoopshot, and EyeEm.

2. admin

A social media administrator has become a career choice in itself. This is supported by the number of companies that have started opening such vacancies.

In addition to the traditional way of buying and selling, in fact social media still offers a lot of land that can be exploited to make money. Being a social media admin is part of maximizing the social networks that are getting more and more used every year

3. Dropshipper

WL It can be an alternative job that can be chosen for those of you who want to have extra income but don’t have much free time.

There are two terms to know before immersing yourself in the world WLthat it dropship And WL.

dropship It is a form of buying and selling merchandise performed with individuals where the seller does not stock the merchandise. Goods sold are provided by third parties acting on their behalf Suppliers. can say that dropship It is a system of buying and selling that is usually conducted over the Internet Online using an intermediary.

while, WL It is a term used for those who become perpetrators dropship. mission WL They sell products from Suppliers to the buyer. WL You will receive orders directly from the buyer. After the buyer completes the payment transaction, WL You will buy merchandise or products for Suppliers with mail.

4. Online shopping

How to make money from a mobile phone can be done by opening a store Online. For this business, it does not cost much, especially if you sell self-produced goods, such as handicrafts.

5. Play

play games or games On the phone some people often do in their spare time. game games It can provide fun, excitement and release boredom. However, there are many gaming applications that can offer benefits to gamers.

As for the application? games Money generators to try including: Hago, Greedy Dragon, Spin for Cash, Lucky Winner, Play and Win, Ludo Super, Guess the Image with Prizes, Mager – Share Anti-Gabri Prizes, And many more.

6. Take paid surveys

How to make money from this mobile is very easy, the name is paid to click Or paid surveys. To participate, simply register as a member by filling in your personal data on a paid survey site, entering your PayPal account data, and completing various surveys Online Submitted.

An example of a paid survey site is Clixsense Indonesia. This site rewards its members with fairly large fees.

7. Clerk

writer their own account Or freelance writers work for clients by writing articles on specific topics.

This job is very promising. The reason is that about 91% of companies use content marketing strategies to reach consumers in order to increase product sales.

This requirement makes the need for high quality content rapidly increasing. Therefore, the role of the writer becomes indispensable. Many freelance writers manage to generate significant income even while working in an office. For example, Holly Johnson can make $200,000 from her writing skills.

He is independentyou can visit the site their own account Like Sripolanser or project.co.id And join as a member. Then, you can select a suitable job offer and make an offer.

8. Youtube

This work can be done on the mobile phone and take advantage of the available features to create video content. The video can also be edited using editing apps that can be accessed via smartphones.

After that, all you have to do is create a Youtube account which can be done for free and upload your videos on the platform.

9. Investment

During the current Corona pandemic, stocks are one of the very attractive investment tools for the public. It is evident that as of July 12, 2021, the stock trading frequency was 1.2 million deals with a stock deal value of Rs 12.2 trillion.

You can invest in stocks anytime and anywhere. Can also with a small capital, how:

  • Opening an account with a stock company.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Make an initial deposit into an investment fund account (RDI).
  • being able to dashboard.
  • start investing

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