9 Ways to Check Internet Speed ​​on HP Devices and Laptop, Accurately!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Fast internet is definitely everyone’s dream today. Because the Internet is necessary to support some daily activities such as online learning, work, and online meetings.

To know the internet speed at home, there are several ways that can be done to check the internet speed that can be easily practiced through mobile phones and computers.

In order to avoid obstacles when using the Internet, it does not hurt to know the Internet speed used so that you can improve network performance at home in the future.

Preparation before checking internet speed

Please note that there are several things to consider before checking your internet speed. What are the preparations before checking the internet speed? Here is the explanation.

1. Restart the modem

A modem or router is a useful device for routing the Internet connection either through a LAN cable or WiFi.

By restarting your modem or router, we hope your internet will recover as usual.

2. Restart the smartphone in use

When the internet connection starts to slow down, the next way you can do before checking the internet speed is to restart the smartphone you are using.

Because when the condition of the smartphone used is not basic, it will affect the received internet connection.

3. Clear cache on HP and PC

Cache makes it easy when you want to surf the internet. However, too much cache can make your internet connection slow.

Therefore, it is important to clear the cache on the digital device that you use regularly.

4. Close unused programs

If you open a lot of programs or applications, it can also lead to slow internet.

Therefore, applications or programs that you are no longer using should be closed immediately. Thus, the internet connection will be stable again.

After preparing a few things beforehand, here is how to check internet speed which can be done on HP and PC.

How to check internet speed on HP computers and devices

If you want to check the internet speed on your mobile phone and computer, you can use the following websites or apps:

1. Speedtest.Net

The first way to find out your internet speed is through the speedtest.net app. How to use this application is very simple, here are the steps:

  • Download speedtest.net app on PlayStore or AppStore
  • Then open the app
  • Click “Go” and the test will take place immediately
  • Wait a few moments for the measurement results to complete.

Speedtest.net can not only be accessed through digital applications, but it can also be accessed via a browser. In this way, you can check your internet speed easily.

2. Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

How to check WiFi internet speed on the next smartphone can also be done through the Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite app. This app can be used to monitor internet speed in real time.

Well, to use this app, you must first download the app. After downloading the app, you can launch the app right away. Automatically, the internet speed data will appear on the notification bar.

3. Meter.net

One of the advantages of using Meter.net is that you don’t have to download it to your phone. It already has a number of features such as download speed, upload speed, and ping.

To check the internet speed, it only takes about 30 seconds. How to use it is also very easy, just visit the meter.net website, then click “start”.

4. Speedsmart.net

Speed ​​Smart offers users two options. You can download it to your Android or iOS device or you can also use it via speedsmart.net.

Speed ​​Smart can display your download speed, upload speed, server and provider IP address. To check internet speed, Speed ​​Smart takes only about 40 seconds.

This site is faster and more accurate because it uses HTML5. It differs from other services that use Flash or Java.

5. Internet Speed ​​Test Application

Another digital app that can be used to check internet speed is the Internet Speed ​​Test app.

With this app, you can also find information about upload and download speeds and network connection tool. The way to check internet speed through this application is as follows:

  • Download the app and use it when the installation is complete
  • Then click “Test”
  • Wait for the test to complete and the internet speed information will appear on your smartphone screen.

6. Bandwidthplace.com

The features and ways of using this website are the same as meter.net. Simply visit the site and click “Start”

However, at Bandwidth Place there is a useful “Server” feature to make it easier for users to choose their locations. This application can also detect the type of provider the user is using.

7. WiFi Speed ​​Analyzer Analyzed by Analytic

The next app that you can use is Speed ​​Test WiFi Analyzer by Analytic. This application is available for free. Paid use can be done if you do not want to meet ads and access other features in them. Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS users.

The information in it is presented in detail and there is also a built-in WiFi analysis to help with coverage details at home.

8. Speedtest by Ookla

This app is available on Android, iOS, Windows and MAC platforms. Speedtest from Ookla is also available for free, but you have to pay if you want to use it without ads.

It includes a built-in VPN, which can display a history of test results on the application, as well as show a map of healthy mobile networks.

9. Fast from Netflix

Well, the last way you can check your internet speed at home is Fast by Netflix. The good news is, this application does not take up much space in the memory of the smartphone.

In it, you can get information about the upload speed, the general IP address of the user, as well as the unloaded and loaded response time.

Fast by Netflix works on Android and iOS. While using it, the download speed test will also start immediately without clicking Go.

Here are 9 ways to check internet speed on HP devices and PC easily and quickly. You can use any of the websites or apps that you find most comfortable to use. Hope this helps.

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