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Along with the development of information and communication technology, tools are also growing rapidly.

In the beginning, mobile phones were just for making calls and sending messages, now they can be used for various other things, like work.

So, you need a mobile phone to work.

The mobile phone in question is a type of Android or iOS smartphone.

Everything that was not possible to do before, everything becomes easier.

The important thing is that you have enough internet quota.

From your mobile phone, you can submit and edit shared documents, create designs for marketing content, and create presentations.

9 tips for mobile phones suitable for work

Mobile phone functions to work, of course is not limited only to the above. The applications provided to facilitate the work are also varied. Can all devices be used for the above things? The answer is no. Like gaming smartphones, work has special specifications.
Tips for choosing the right mobile phone, you should pay attention to the following things.

  1. Do you have a support app?

There are supportive applications that a smartphone must have to use at work, whether in the office or in your own business. At a minimum, this product must have an email, calendar, contacts, and social media applications.
At least, there are apps like Google Play Store, Maps, Drive, Gmail, etc. If any apps are needed later, you can download them through Google Play Store or similar, paid and free.

2. It has a large RAM capacity

If you intend to buy a smartphone to support your daily activities, you should check your RAM capacity. This RAM will speed up the process of various tasks, such as downloading videos and other files of very large size.
In general, HP with RAM less than 4 GB can no longer meet your expectations. Such a mobile phone will hinder work. It takes a while to download a file or video that should take one minute. While on the smartphone, all new files can be opened and read when the download is finished.

3. Use an advanced processor

There are many types, types and brands of tools on the market. As a consumer, you have to pay close attention to it. In addition to a large RAM, look for a mobile phone with a fairly advanced processor. Almost like RAM, the processor will make the device perform better. Moreover, it will affect your overall business performance.

4. Have high quality camera features

The on-device camera doesn’t just work for those who like photos or selfies and upload them on social media. The camera can support working process. For those of you who work, the camera can take pictures of the products on display.
Meanwhile, for office work, the camera is in sync with scanning photos, finding locations, and creating documents. With this high quality mobile phone camera, you no longer need to carry a big camera everywhere, except for photography.

5. Large storage capacity

Do you intend to buy a mobile phone for work? The number five is also very important to note. Find a device with a large storage capacity. With this, you no longer need to carry a heavy flash drive or hard drive everywhere. You can keep it at home for certain times.

In addition, the large capacity allows you to download many other applications that are not yet available on the gadget. For example, complete Microsoft Office applications. This requires a lot of space, because it contains Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

6. HP with high security

Smartphones used for work definitely contain a lot of personal and company data. In fact, it includes personal social media. There is also a mobile banking app.
Can you imagine whether the security is not optimal. Once hacked by someone else or lost, all data can change. Money in the bank can disappear without news.
Therefore, you need a mobile phone with a high level of security. There are usually passwords, patterns, fingerprint scanners, and faces.

7. HP has a large capacity battery

Moreover, important mobile phones have a large enough storage capacity. Using the app is too much and the activity affects the battery consumption. For those who work in this field, it will be inconvenient to charge it frequently. Plus the place is often not there, you also have to wait. The point is that it takes a very long time.
Batteries with a capacity of 7000 mAh or more are generally suitable and can be used throughout the day without worrying about running out.

8. The mobile phone supports 4G network

Communication is related to the need to communicate with others in the work done. Currently, the Internet in Indonesia already has 5G.
However, 4G is the most popular and arguably stable. So, make sure that your device has at least a 4G connection to work smoothly.

9. Latest operating system

It was mentioned above that ICT is the fastest growing in the world.
Almost every time new things are found that make human labor easier.

So, it is recommended that you see the operating system used as a tip when choosing the latest smartphone. You should know, at least the last two years of the excretory system.

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