6 Ways to Verify Oppo HP Type and Verify Authenticity Via Pincode

anytime plus – User must know HP specifications. So, you also need to know how to check HP Oppo type. This will work when you flash when you feel slack or fix it when it breaks.

But unfortunately, there are still users who do not know how to check the HP Oppo type. In fact, this one HP brand has a lot of users. Its reputation is also high with a high-resolution camera.

Now, in order not to get confused when buying equipment, such as a case or a screen protector, you should pay attention to the Oppo HP type verification procedure. You can find information about this in the following explanation.

1. How to check Oppo HP type through Settings

How to check the type of HP Oppo you can do easily, that is, by checking it directly through the settings. Here is an explanation you can follow.

– Unlock your cell phones.

– Next, open the Settings menu

– To check your OPPO mobile phone type, you can tap About phone

– In the device name you can find out the type of mobile phone

– In the About phone menu, you can also see RAM and Processor

2. How to check Oppo HP type via code

Below is the code that you can use to apply the Oppo HP type verification procedure. With this code, you can find various information about the HP specifications you are using.

– Open the mobile phone and please enter the contact menu and then type the code * # 6776 #

Then you click “Connect”.

– If everything is done correctly, a new interface will appear.

– You can see the type in the form section.

3. How to check the Oppo HP type in the box

If you have bought a new or used cell phone with a box then this method can be followed. How to check the type of HP Oppo in the box can be done through the following steps.

– Find your Oppo HP Box.

Check on its side or under it.

Usually, the information will be listed in this section.

– In addition to the type, you can also get information about the place of manufacture, ram and mobile ram.

4. How to Check Oppo HP Type Using AIDA64 App

In addition to the above steps, you can check your Oppo HP type with the help of AIDA64 app. Here are the steps you can take to check it out.

– First, please download and install the AIDA64 app.

– Once installed, you can open it immediately.

– On the AIDA64 homepage, you can directly select the system menu.

– On the System page, please see the information about OPPO HP on the device model.

5. How to check Oppo HP type using CPU-Z app

How to check HP Oppo type with CPU-Z app is very simple. With this application, you will get to know the specifications of the mobile phone you are using. To know more clearly, please refer to the following steps.

– Download CPU-Z app on Google Play for free.

– After successful installation, you can open it immediately.

– Information about make, model, etc. will be displayed directly through the application.

6. How do you know the authenticity of HP

In addition to how to check the type of HP Oppo, you also need to know the authenticity of the device. You need to know this as a form of vigilance when buying. Not only that, but you can also check it out when suspicious things appear during use.


– Open your mobile phone and enter the settings menu.

– Next, select About phone and tap on Status option.

– Your IMEI number will also be displayed, note the number.

– Next step, you can enter the Ministry of Industry website at https://imei.kemenperin.go.id/

Enter the IMEI number you registered earlier and click search.

– Well, if a notification appears that the IMEI number has been registered, it means that your mobile is original.

6. Engineer Mode

You can also check the authenticity of the mobile phone by the provided code. Here are some codes to enter Engineer Mode that you can use.

– The first step, please unlock your mobile phone and enter the contact menu.

– Type the code to enter engineering mode for hardware testing.

Icons list:

*#1234# – This code is used to display software details on Oppo and Oneplus phones.

*#803# This code is used to enter the engineering mode of the mobile network test mode

*#36446337# This secret code function is to test some functions of the current instruction or instruction of the test function

*#804# The function of this code is to enable the automatic class test mode.

*#802# works for GPS testing.

*#805# Used to enter the Bluetooth connection test mode.

*#806# Used to enter engineering aging test mode.

*#808# – code to start the manual engineering test mode. The process of manually testing all features as desired.

*#809# – To enter engineering echo test mode

*#807# – code to start engineering test mode. The process of testing all features automatically.

*#888# – OPPO and OnePlus secret code for PCB version.

*#900# – This code works with RGB test image.

*#99# – For a long test of the bright screen lights.

*#06# – This secret code is used to display the IMEI.

*#6776# – This secret code is used to display the information of the Oppo and Oneplus device

Well, these are some of the ways to check what kind of HP Oppo you can provide if you have forgotten this information and need it in an emergency. There is also a way to check the authenticity of your mobile phone that you can do as a form of vigilance.

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