6 online jobs that can make a lot of money

In increasingly modern times, the Internet is now used not only as a place to find information or as a place for virtual interaction. However, you can also make money online. In fact, using only the smartphone and internet quota, you can only work on the internet from your home while still earning money.

There are many jobs you can do on the internet. Especially if you have certain skills or abilities, this will be an advantage in itself. However, there are also online jobs that you can do without special skills or experience with notes, you have to understand how it works. So, what jobs can make money on the Internet? Here are 5 online jobs that can make a lot of money.

1. Online seller

Clarify online transactions [Sumber : Pixabay/HutchRock]

The first is online selling. This job is sure to make a lot of money and is well worth a try for those of you who have the spirit of a merchant or entrepreneur. Many free e-commerce sites like Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, BliBli, Bukalapak, and others where you can open kiosks on these sites for free.

Or, if you don’t have anything to sell online, you can also become a distributor or join an affiliate program. Many platforms offer to become an online distributor or affiliate program where you will get a commission from the items you successfully promote and sell.

2. Content Creator

Content creator illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/AQVIEWS]
Content creator illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/AQVIEWS]

If you have unlimited creative spirit, try becoming a content creator. The platform that used to become a content maker, for example, is YouTube. When you become a YouTuber, you can monetize the video content that you upload to YouTube.

Or besides YouTube, you can start on other platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. If your content is interesting and you have a lot of followers or following, you can earn a lot of money through the endorsement products that are offered to you.

3. Freelance graphic designer

Graphic designer illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/Faizur Rehman]
Graphic designer illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/Faizur Rehman]

If you have qualified graphic design skills, try becoming a freelance graphic designer. There are many platforms that can be used to start this online career, for example Fiverr, Upwork, and 99design.

If you become a freelance graphic designer, you will be able to earn a lot of money. Because if you join the aforementioned platform, you will have the opportunity to work on design projects from clients abroad and in addition, you will be paid in dollars.

4. Freelance writer

Illustration for typing/writing on a laptop [Sumber : Unsplash/Kaitlyn Baker]
Illustration for typing/writing on a laptop [Sumber : Unsplash/Kaitlyn Baker]

Do you have journalistic skills or can you write well and correctly? Don’t waste this ability and start becoming a freelance writer online. Many websites or media offer and offer jobs to become a freelance writer on their platform. for example Yoursay, Mojok, IDN Times, Cangkeman, Kotomono and others.

What I like the most is being a freelance writer on the Yoursay.id platform. Although at Yoursay we only charge a small amount, which is Rp. 5000 rupees per article, but I think it is better to be a writer on Yoursay site rather than other platforms. In addition to the uncomplicated writing requirements, the approval process is also very fast. It won’t take a day, if your writing is worth broadcasting, it will be broadcasted immediately. Even if your writing is rejected, you will surely get a reason not to publish your writing along with motivational words from Yoursay moderator.

5. Sell photos

landscape photography illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/Prateek Verma]
landscape photography illustration [Sumber : Unsplash/Prateek Verma]

Do you have a hobby of taking pictures but the results are only stored on your hard drive? Maybe it’s time to start monetizing the photos you took earlier on the Internet. The platforms you can use to sell your photos include: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, 123RF, iStock, EyeEm, and others.

In addition to selling photos, you can also sell video footage on the above platforms where fees can be higher than just selling photos. Although the rate is relatively small, around $0.10 or around Rs. 1,500 rupees per download, but if the photos or videos you sell are liked and downloaded, then the photos or footage sold will automatically become a separate separate income for you.

6. Micro . functions

illustration of working on computer [Sumber : Unsplash/Daniel Thomas]
illustration of working on computer [Sumber : Unsplash/Daniel Thomas]

The last thing you can do on the Internet to make a lot of money is to become small jobs. As the name suggests, micro jobs are online jobs where you will work on a small or trivial task or task that is performed at the request of the customer. Workers who perform these tasks are called Micro Workers.

Well, this job is perfect for those of you who don’t have any experience or skills but still want to be able to make money from the internet. This sad platform Micro Jobs is present among others Picoworker, Rapidworker, Microworkers, Star-Click, and others. Micro Jobs has a low pay rate, around 0.010 – $1 per job. But if you are diligent and thorough in doing so, you also have a chance to earn money from this Micro Jobs.

Well, these are 6 online jobs that can make a lot of money. In your opinion, what other online jobs can generate money other than the ones mentioned above? It might be useful.

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