6 Helpful Notes Where Jaylen Brown Turned To Game 5 And Led The Celtics On Heat


“He didn’t flip it.”

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics celebrates with the fans after beating the Miami Heat at Game Five. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Here are the points earned as Jaylen Brown and the Celtics beat the Heat 93-80 in a rocker 5 fight game to advance 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

1. After match five, Ime Udoka was asked about the biggest difference between first half Jaylen Brown and second half Jaylen Brown.

“He didn’t flip it,” said Odoka after a while, then paused to wait for the next question.

In a series defined by its simplicity, Brown’s Game 5 was a miniature. In the first half, he hit a crowd over and over and was stripped naked each time. Box points gave him four turnovers, but he had five – he scored only one top scorer for Al Horford. Time and time again, he made the only mistake that eliminated the Celtics in games 1 and 3: Against the Heat, you simply can’t turn him around, and Brown kept turning him.

Then stop at Odoka Point. In the third quarter, he drove the length of the floor and scored through a transitional foul. After three consecutive missed shots, he finished the quarter with the help of Grant Williams’ core lead, a nice jump back and spinning jumper that boosted him to six points in the period. He did not flip the ball.

On the fourth, he shook at 3 points. Then shook elsewhere. He then managed to get a 30ft as Jason Tatum threw his hands in a celebration that pushed the lead to 23. Then he crushed One hand dipping On Pam Adebayo, who has stepped aside in a terrible business decision.

Again, he didn’t flip it over.

“You just had to settle down, stay aggressive, and stop turning the ball,” Brown said.

Sometimes this game is too simple.

“Anytime Jaylen is on the second side, he’s a killer—whether it’s in a pick-and-shoot or drag,” Odoka said when asked by the previously deserted reporter to expand. “We found he went out of time for some quick rides that got him going.

“Whether he’s making a tough draw, some guys are strong shot makers, and he’s one of them. We’d rather have him do it 100 percent of the time than turn the ball around. We just told him to make shots, see the crowd, get off the ball, But be aggressive when we need it and do it.”

Brown had some ugly moments in these playoffs – including some in Game Five – but when the Celtics needed him to get one step closer to the finals, he made it.

2. Jason Tatum spent most of the match grabbing his right shoulder after this play with Kyle Lowry.

Odoka told ESPN after the first quarter that he suffered another bite, but something was clearly going on. He was short on all five of his fouls – including throwing the ball twice – in the first quarter after getting injured.

“It was bothering me. I have a nick [Sang]Tatum said after the match. “We just found out.”

3. Had it not been for Derek White in the first inning, the Celtics would have been down by more than five. Pick ‘n’ Roll ran with Tatum as a lap man, and when the heat jumped to block the switch, he got floats in the paint.

As a bystander, he made all the right decisions – an extra pass to Brown for a triple pointer, a pass to Horford in transition, a well-timed pass to Tatum in transition.

“D-White for us was unbelievable tonight,” Al Horford said. “He was great. His energy, his energy, such a smart player, they put in really big plays. Maybe people won’t talk about it enough, but it was huge for me.”

White finished with 14 points in 6 to 8 shooting and five assists.

4. You will not see defense more dominant than this.

The Heat have a lot to discover offensively ahead of Friday.

5. Robert Williams did not come out of the locker room immediately after the break – a troubling development for the Celtics, as he had knee pain.

“I got an extra stretch in the first half,” Odoka said. “Kind of uncommon. When he was about to go out, he just wanted to stretch more. Give him more time. I went with Grant to start the third. Nothing specific. Just a little general body tightness, cramps, whatever.”

To hear Grant Williams say it?

“He was in the shower, I think,” Williams said. NBC Sports Boston Abbey Chin, giggle. “…just there to protect his back.”

Marcus Smart, from now on, is back from a sprained ankle.

“He knows how to play through injury,” Odoka said. “You could tell he wasn’t explosive or fast, but what he does on the defensive end and just being the leader there in general, works really well for us regardless of the stats list.”

6. The Celtics have been here before of course – only one game away from the finals with two chances to get there. They were two games away from home in 2020. They were close to this in 2018. In 2012 the previous Celtics iteration had two chances against the Heat that included LeBron James.

Nothing is guaranteed. However, Tatum admitted that this year looks a little different.

“My junior year, I was going 3-2, you know, obviously a different team now,” he said. “I’m a lot better, JB. We’re just older. And we’ve been through those tough times.

“But the mentality and the talk between us after the game was that we were down 3-2 last time, we had to go on the road and win Game Six, and we did. We can’t believe it’s over. We need to come home as if we were We’re 3-2 down, with that sense of urgency that it’s a game to win, not relax because we’re up.”

Brown has attended the Conference Finals four times now in his career.

“This is a great opportunity,” he said. “Leave everything on the floor. You don’t want any feelings of regret. We have a chance to do something special with this group, so let’s not take that for granted. …

“At the same time, you know, breathe, relax. Sometimes it can be a bit tense. We know how important these moments are. But just come play our game and we’ll be fine.”

The Celtics will begin their first on a journey to the Finals in Game 6 at the TD Garden on Wednesday.

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