5 ways to save internet quota when traveling to Lebaran 2022

KOMPAS.com – The return trip for Eid 2022 has begun. Boredom is likely to occur in the middle of the homecoming trip, especially for travelers who use road transport and experience congestion on the road.

Perhaps one way to get rid of boredom in the middle of a homecoming trip is to turn on cell phones while browsing the Internet, such as playing social media or playing games. Stream Videos.

However, if you keep using it to access the Internet, your data packet quota can quickly run out. It is undeniable that running out of quota is highly probable, considering that almost all applications on mobile phones now require an internet network to be accessed.

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Running out of internet quota before reaching your original destination can be daunting. When you run out of internet, you may find it difficult to contact your family via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like WhatsApp.

In addition, you may also find it difficult to find a location or travel route through a map application such as Google Maps, which also requires an internet connection. So, how can you save the Internet quota so that it does not run out quickly?

For more details, here is an explanation of how to provide the internet quota during the Eid 2022 trip home.

1. Disable the automatic file download feature

Some social media apps usually have the feature to download files automatically, for example on WhatsApp. By activating this feature, WhatsApp will automatically download all files, whether images or videos, that are sent in the chat room.

Automatic file download will consume quota so data packet usage can be lost. In fact, not all sent files are important for downloading. Therefore, turn off automatic file downloads present in social media apps.

For example, you can turn off automatic file downloads on WhatsApp by clicking on the “Settings” menu, then clicking on the “Storage and data” option.

Next, change the automatic file download option to ‘Never’ or ‘WiFi’ (to allow automatic downloading using WiFi networks only)

2. Disable the app’s auto-update feature

Application version updates can also take up a fairly large amount of quota, sometimes up to 100MB more. If the update is done using a cellular network, the Internet quota will quickly run out.

Therefore, you need to turn off automatic updates for applications that use cellular network in order to save quota of Internet data packets.

platforms App stores on every phone, such as the Google Play Store (for Android phones) or the App Store (for iPhones), usually have settings for how to update already installed apps.

On the iPhone, automatic app updates over the cellular network can be turned off by accessing the Settings menu. Next, select the “App Store” option and disable the “Automatic download” option in the “Cellular data” column.

3. Avoid backing up files

It is recommended not to back up files a program The cloud, such as iCloud or Google Drive, using a cellular network. When using a cellular network, it means that the backup process will take up the Internet quota of your data plan.

Sometimes a small amount of quota is not used to back up files a program clouds. The more files that are backed up, the higher the Internet quota is consumed.

With that said, avoid backing up files using a cellular network if it’s not very urgent. To save internet quota, you can backup files using WiFi when available.

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4. Limit Stream Videos

broadcast platforms Videos like YouTube can also take up a very large quota. according to MakeuseofAnd Stream HD video in one hour can consume up to 2 GB of internet quota.

If you want to save internet quota, avoid access running platform Extra videos. You also need to pay attention to several other applications that have taken up a large amount of your internet data quota.

Quota consumption by apps on mobile phones can usually be checked through the mobile data settings menu. Today’s mobile phones usually display a list of applications that consume a large amount of the Internet quota.

You can look at the list and layout so you don’t have to reach for apps that have taken up a lot of quota.

The apps that can take up a large amount of the consumption quota are usually those with video or photo sharing services, such as Instagram and TikTok.

5. Turn off background data usage

The next way to save internet quota is to turn off background data or background data. Background data is usually used to prevent apps from getting activity updates.

Refreshing activity is like having a new notification if there is an incoming message on your instant messaging app, even if you haven’t opened the app.

Apps running in the background also need internet data to keep sending updates. If there are very unimportant apps, you can stop using background data on them to save internet quota.

On Android phones, background data can usually be turned off through the app’s settings menu. Next, select the app whose background activity you want to disable.

Next, select the option usually called “Restrict data usage” and disable the “Background data” option in the app. By disabling this feature, the consumption of the internet quota of the application can be prevented further.

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Here are five ways to save internet quota that can be done in the middle of the holiday homecoming trip for 2022, and hopefully they’ll come in handy.

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