4 Free Font Provider Sites for Online Graphic Design Needs

Fonts are one of the most important elements on our computers. Fonts have many types and variants. There are fonts that are used for formal writing and there are also fonts that have a very aesthetic visual appearance which are usually used for art or graphic design purposes.

When talking about graphic design, you should be aware of installing fonts on your computer. The fonts available on the computer are not actually enough because they are less diverse for design needs. So, of course, the graphic designer will look for a font that is more suitable for the graphic design they are creating.

For those who want to find computer fonts for a purpose, it is a good idea to try to visit the five font provider websites below. In addition to easy download, the below five font provider sites provide it for free to you. Here are recommendations for 5 sites that provide free fonts on the Internet:

1. Dafont

View DaFont موقع website [DocPribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The first site is the DaFont site. This site provides a large collection of fonts in it. Additionally, you can search for the fonts you need using the font categories available on DaFont. Examples of writing fonts Fantasy Alien Appearance Techno Script Bitmap Gothic Basic Dingbats And the holidays.

If you need a font that looks like handwriting, you can choose a variant right away script. Or you need a font in a specific language such as Arabic or Japanese, just choose the most suitable option for you External look.

The DaFont website also lists the font’s license. So not all fonts on this site are free and can be used freely. There are several licenses you need to pay attention to on this DaFont website. That is, there is a license Public Domain/GPL/OFL, 100% Free, Free for Personal Use, Donationware, Shareware, Demo, And the Unknown.

If you need a font that can be used for commercial design needs, I suggest choosing a licensed font Public Domain/GPL/OFL And the 100% free Of course on the DaFont website. Because if you use fonts outside of these two licenses, your design will likely be copyrighted. But to be sure once again, you should read the detailed description of the line. You can stop at DaFont via this link https://www.dafont.com/

2. Google Fonts

View location for Google Fonts [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]
View location for Google Fonts [DocPribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The second site is Google Fonts. Yes, this site is official directly from Google. This Going Font website provides a set of fonts available ready for you to download. The categories of fonts provided by this website are in the form of Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, And the Monospace. This site also provides fonts in special languages ​​such as Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Latin, Tamil, Vietnamese, and others.

You don’t have to worry about licensing the font on Google Fonts. Because all font collections from Google Fonts are licensed apache or OFF. So with this license, you don’t have to worry about using it for commercial or personal design purposes. You can visit the Google Fonts website via this link https://fonts.google.com

3. FontSpace

View FontSpace Situs موقع [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]
View FontSpace Situs موقع [DocPribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The fourth site is FontSpace. FontSpace here is a site that also provides you with free fonts. The collection of fonts on this site is quite large. There may be about tens of thousands of font combinations on this FontSpace website. However, even though the collection of fonts is in the tens of thousands, this site does not rank all the fonts available out there, unlike DaFont or Google Fonts. So you may need extra time to search for fonts on the FontSpace website.

There are licenses for fonts on FontSpace Free for personal use And the 100% free. To get the list of fonts listed as 100% free on FontSpace, you need to select the option commercial use. However, to make sure that the font offered by FontSpace is really for commercial use, you can click on the desired font and then read the detailed description of the font written by the font maker. You can visit the FontSpace website via the following link https://www.fontspace.com


View FONT repo site [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]
View FONT repo site [DocPribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The third site is FONT Repo. This site is almost the same as Font Space above, and they both provide you with free fonts. Based on the information from its website, FONT Repo has a collection of 300,000 fonts available. FONT Repo provides categories of font variants on its website like DaFont earlier. There are lines of the type Fantasy Script Techno Bitmap Basic Decorative Variety Distorted Brush Curly Handwritten Square and others.

FONT Repo also includes font categories like 100% Free, for Personal Use, Donationware Fonts, Demo, Sharing Software, Public Domain/GPL/OFL. As always be sure to pick one 100% free or Public Domain/GPL/OFL If for your commercial design needs. You can visit the FONT Repo website via the following link https://www.fontrepo.com

Well, this was a recommendation of 4 sites that provide free fonts on the Internet. Although it is available for free, remember that you can only download from the four sites listed above. Because each line has its own license. Try to choose a font written with a license 100%, public domain, or OFF For security if you use it such as commercial design activities and other activities that involve sales. In your opinion, what other free font sites are out there on the Internet besides the four mentioned above? It might be useful.

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