2022 PGA Championship leaderboard, winner: Justin Thomas beats Will Zalatores in playoff for second big win

Tulsa, Okla. – The 2022 PGA Championship was decided in a playoff match on Sunday as Justin Thomas beat Will Xalatores by one stroke after a total of 75 holes to claim the second Wanamaker Cup of Thomas’ career. It was the first major tournament playoff since the 2017 Masters and the first in a PGA Championship since Keegan Bradley’s win in 2011.

Thomas, who trailed by seven strokes on the day, posted 3-under 67 for his first 18 holes Sunday at Southern Hills, missing on the 18th from the jumper that would have given him the full win in the finish. Zalatoris was up and down with 1-over 71, draining 10 feet 10 inches one last time to tie Thomas into the club and force a playoff.

The duo played holes 13, 17 and 18 in a three-hole aggregate playoff, with both Birdie scoring in the first, and Thomas beating Zalatoris with a Birdie in the second and both scoring the same in the latter to make Thomas the PGA Champion.

Thomas, by winning this PGA Championship, became the sixth golfer in history to return from seven or more strokes in the last round to claim a major title. He entered the day with a 1.9% chance of winning the Wanamaker Cup, according to DataGolf.

“It was a weird day,” Thomas said. “I definitely crossed one off the list. I’ve never won a ball-shaking championship on Sunday. It was the first time, and I really want it to be the last.” after winning. “…I was asked earlier in the week, ‘What is safe lead?’ And I said, No strings. This place is so hard, but if you get to the fairways, you can make birds. I stayed so patient, I can’t believe I found myself in a playoff.”

Meanwhile, Zalatoris achieved second place in a major for the second time in his career (2021 Masters). It was also his fifth place finish in eighth in his last seven main posts.

2022 PGA Championship Playoffs




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4 -1
  • Hole 1 (bar 5 13): Thomas found roughness from the tee but hit his third shot 6 feet from the hole to hit a clutch bird. Zalatoris seemed to outsmart JT by making it onto the green in two, but had to tap to get a birdie after a tall eagle slithered to the left.
  • Hole 2 (bar-4 17): Thomas Green drove off the tee amazing fashion, while Zalatoris tried the same only happily to land just feet from a green bunker. Zlatoris missed a 12-foot shot and settled into a par, while JT softly hit his 56-foot eagle by 4 feet for a flyover and a lead.
  • Hole 3 (Bar-4-18): Both men hit the green in two, though Zalatoris’ approach slides down a ridge to keep him away from the hole. Zalatoris was placed two feet away, while Thomas punched him with the inside of his foot for a partial hit and the championship.

Mito Pereira, the 54-hole leader, remained on top almost in the entire final round on Sunday. He stopped the birdie on the seventeenth, which would have given him a two-stroke lead, half a turn lower than the pit. Having settled on a par, he found water on his tee of 18 and went to the last hole not only to give up his potential win but to miss the final altogether.

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