2022 NBA Draft Live Stream: How to watch, start time, TV channel, latest mock version and official picks standings


After an interesting 2021-22 season ended last week when the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for their fourth title in the past eight years, now is the time to turn our attention toward next season and beyond, starting with the 2022 NBA Draft. Thursday.

There’s no shortage of imagination in the draft as players like Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, Paulo Panchero and Jaden Ivey are expected to be heard early on by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

For the first time since 2004, the Orlando Magic team had the best overall pick in the draft. Back in 2004 Orlando picked Dwight Howard with this top pick, and he’s gone on to have some serious success with the franchise, it’ll be interesting to see what the magic does with the casting this time around because their decision will set the tone for the rest of the draft. After Orlando, the Oklahoma City Thunder has the number one spot. Second place in the overall standings, followed by the Houston Rockets, the Sacramento Kings and the Detroit Pistons to finish in the top five.

Ahead of the big night, here’s a look at the full bid and draft request information for the 2022 NBA Draft.

How to watch 2022 NBA Draft

dates: Thursday 23 June | time: 8 p.m. Eastern time
Locations: Barclays Center – Brooklyn, New York
Television: ABC (first round), ESPN (first and second rounds)
live streams: fuboTV (try for free) | Follow: CBS Sports HQ

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2022 NBA Draft Orders

first round
1. Orlando Magic
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Houston Rockets
4. Sacramento Kings
5. Detroit Pistons
6. Indiana Pacers
7. Portland Trail Blazers
8. New Orleans Pelicans (from Los Angeles Lakers)
9. San Antonio Spurs
10. Washington Wizards
11. New York Knicks
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Los Angeles Clippers)
13. Charlotte Hornets
14. Cleveland Cavaliers
15. Charlotte Hornets (from New Orleans)
16. Atlanta Hawks
17. Houston Rockets (from Brooklyn)
18. Chicago Bulls
19. Minnesota Timberwolves
20 – San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto)
21. Denver Nuggets
22 – Memphis Grizzlies (from Utah)
23. Philadelphia 76ers
24. Milwaukee Bucks
25- San Antonio Spurs (from Boston)
26- Houston Rockets (from Dallas).
27. Miami Heat
28. Golden State Warriors
29. Memphis Grizzlies
30- Denver Nuggets (from Oklahoma City)

second round
31. Indiana Pacers (from Houston via Cleveland)
32. Orlando Magic
33- Toronto Raptors (from Detroit through San Antonio, Washington and Chicago)
34. Oklahoma City Thunder
35. Orlando Magic (from Indiana via Milwaukee)
36 – Detroit Pistons (from Portland)
37. Sacramento Kings
38- San Antonio Spurs (from Los Angeles Lakers via Chicago and Washington)
39. Cleveland Cavaliers (from San Antonio via Utah)
40 – Minnesota Timberwolves (from Washington via Cleveland)
41. New Orleans Pelicans
42. New York Knicks
43. Los Angeles Clippers
44. Atlanta Hawks
45. Charlotte Hornets
46- Portland Trail Blazers (from Brooklyn via Detroit)
47 Memphis Grizzlies (from Cleveland via New Orleans and Atlanta)
48. Minnesota Timberwolves
49. Sacramento Kings (from Chicago via Memphis and Detroit)
50 – Minnesota Timberwolves (from Denver via Philadelphia)
51. Golden State Warriors (from Toronto via Philadelphia)
52 – New Orleans Pelicans (from Utah)
53. Boston Celtics
Milwaukee Bucks (confiscated)
Miami Heat (from Philadelphia via Denver; Miami lost)
54 – Washington Wizards (from Dallas)
55. Golden State Warriors
56 Cleveland Cavaliers (from Miami via Indiana)
57 – Portland Trail Blazers (from Memphis through Utah)
58. Indiana Pacers (from Phoenix).

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