2022 MLB Home Run Derby results, takeaway: Juan Soto beats Julio Rodriguez to crown. Alonso’s house falls short

Juan Soto, one of Major League Baseball’s top hitters, added to his already long resume on Monday night. The 23-year-old Nationals star won the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby, defeating rookie Mariners Julio Rodríguez in the finals. It’s Soto’s first derby title, Which has been the subject of trade rumors in recent days.

Rodriguez had an upcoming party before facing Soto in the finals. He finished Pete Alonso’s search for three peats in the second round. Alonso won the event in 2019 and 2021 (there was no Derby Home Run in 2020) and was looking to become the first player ever to win three derbies in a row. However, Alonso could not match the 31 players of Rodríguez’s rubble.

Cardinals legend Albert Pujols stole the show earlier at night. The 42-year-old pulled off a first-round upset from Phillies Slugger’s Kyle Schwarber, the top seed in the event, and had fans and teammates behind him.

Here’s how things rocked Monday night at the eight-stroke field.

Home Run Derby bracket, results

first round

  • number. 6 Julio Rodriguez (32 Homers) defeats No. 3 Cory Seeger (24 Homers)
  • number. 2 Pete Alonso (20 Homers) defeats No. 7 Ronald Acuña Jr. (19 Homers)
  • number. 4 Juan Soto (18 Homer) defeats No. 5 Jose Ramirez (17 Homers)
  • number. 8 Albert Pujols (20 Homer) defeats No. 1 Kyle Schwarber (19 Homer) in the tiebreak

second round

  • Julio Rodriguez (31 Homer) defeats Pete Alonso (Homer 24).
  • Juan Soto (16 Homer) defeats Albert Pujols (15 Homer)


  • Juan Soto (19 Homer) defeated Julio Rodriguez (18 Homer).

And now for five takeaways from the 2022 Derby.

1. Juan Soto survived and advanced

It looks like the young Nationals star and potential commercial bait didn’t really find himself on the plate Monday night at Dodger Stadium, but he did what he needed to do. In the first round, he hit 18 wrecks, which was enough to overtake Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez. In the second round, he reached 16 on the way to eliminating Albert Pujols, and in the finals he achieved 19 wins over Julio Rodriguez. That’s a total of 53, which is pretty shy of Rodriguez’s total of 81. As Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., among others, among others, the highest overall score doesn’t always prevail.

Soto may not have dropped as many jaws as Rodriguez did in the 2022 derby, but he ended up lifting the trophy in the end. He is now the second youngest player to ever win the derby, behind only Juan Gonzalez.

2. Julio Rodriguez had to remember the first two rounds

The Seattle rookie batsman hit 32 in the opening round, then hit 31 Homers in the semifinals. Those double blasts caused some derby history:

Rodríguez, this year’s first AL Rookie winner at the break, is just 21 years and 100 days old. This makes him the third youngest player to reach the derby final. The only younger players who have done so are Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. in 2019 and Bryce Harper in 2013. Suffice it to say that Rodriguez’s future is as bright as his present.

3. Albert Pujols shocked us all

At 42 years and 183 days old, Albert Pujols was, by a large margin, the oldest Home Run Derby participant ever. Given that expectations for him have been low going into this year’s derby, which is especially the case given that Pujols in the first round was pairing up against No. #1 seed and current National League leader at home Kyle Schwarber.

Defying those expectations, Pujols outperformed Schwarber and advanced to the first round. Hitting the future Hall of Famer 13 times at home – 10 and then three more during bonus time – which I often felt wouldn’t be enough. Schwarber, however, couldn’t find any kind of permanent groove, and he also landed at 13. That means swinging.

In this swing, Pujols hit seven for 20 overall, and Schwarber came in short. With that said, perhaps the biggest surprise in Derby history is complete:

It was Pujols’ fifth appearance in the derby, and with a stunning win over Schwarber he became the first player ever to advance past the first round on five occasions.

Now for some related content:

It’s also worth noting that just after Pujols’ organizational tour ended, when his derby stay seemed to be short, the All-Stars presence gave him a warm round of appreciation and supposed farewell:

However, Pujols wasn’t quite ready to go out.

4. Pete Alonso had a chance to make history

Alonso won the 2019 derby and then won again last year. Given the lack of a Derby (or the All-Star Game) in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alonso is a back-to-back derby champion. This gave him a chance to become the first ever to win three consecutive derbies, but Julio Rodriguez was not in a collaborative mood. Alonso also missed the opportunity to join Ken Grieve Jr. As the derby winners only three times.

But as things stand, Alonso remains only one man out of four, along with Griffi Jr., Prince Felder and Yeoness Cespedes, to win multiple derbies. Given how much Alonso enjoyed participating and how seriously he took her (deadlifts! Meditation!), it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s part of the field next year and beyond. here hope

5. The total numbers are something to consider

Altogether, the Derby Home Run 2022 gave us…

  • 291 runs the house
  • 22.9 miles of home running
  • 31 home trips covered at least 450 feet
  • Two home runs at least 480 feet (one by Alonso and one by Soto)
  • 33 home runs left bats at 110 mph or more

We’ve been promised a finger, folks, we’ve got a zinger.

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